Planning To Buy A New TVS Bike Or Scooter? Here Are The Prices For July 2023

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From a humble moped to the flagship track tamer, and even an electric scooter, TVS has something for almost every kind of rider. Here is the latest variant-wise price list

TVS has a variety of offerings, ranging from a no-frills moped to a flagship faired bike, and even an electric scooter. So if you are also looking to buy one, here’s the latest price list for all the models, including their variants:



Ex-showroom Delhi Price for July 2023

TVS Raider 125

Single Seat (Red) 

Rs 94,469

Split Seat (Yellow, Blue, Red, Black) 

Rs 95,469

SX (Red, Black)

Rs 1,00,820

TVS Ronin

SS (Red, Black)

Rs 1,49,000

DS (Blue, Black)

Rs 1,56,500

TD (Grey, Orange)

Rs 1,68,750

TVS Apache RTR 160 2V

Drum (White, Black, Red)

Rs 1,19,320


Rs 1,22,820

BT Disc (Matte Blue, Grey)

Rs 1,26,120

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

Drum  (Black, Blue, Red)

Rs 1,23,770


Rs 1,27,270


Rs 1,30,570

Special Edition (Black)

Rs 1,32,070

TVS Apache RTR 180

Standard (White, Black)

Rs 1,32,120

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

Single Channel ABS (Matte Blue, Black, White) 

Rs 1,41,670

Dual Channel with riding modes

Rs 1,46,720

TVS Apache RR310

Standard (Black, Red)

Rs 2,72,000

TVS iQube

Standard (Red, Grey, White)

Rs 1,34,422


Rs 1,55,553

TVS Jupiter

Sheet Metal Wheel (SMW) (Blue, White, Grey)

Rs 72,190

Base (Blue, Black, White, Red, Grey, Brown)

Rs 76,308


Rs 81,038

ZX Disc

Rs 85,063

ZX Smartxonnect

Rs 87,938


Rs 88,498

TVS Jupiter 125

Drum (Orange, Indiblue, Grey, White)

Rs 83,605


Rs 86,155


Rs 90,405

TVS NTorq 125

Drum (Metallic Blue, Grey)

Rs 84,836

Disc (Matte Red, Blue, Grey, Red)

Rs 88,841

Race Edition (Marine Blue, Racing Red, Yellow)

Rs 92,891

Super Squad Edition (Amazing Red, Combat Blue, Lightning Grey, Stealth Black)

Rs 94,941

Race XP (Race red Black)

Rs 96,491

XT (Neon Green Denim Blue)

Rs 1,04,391

TVS Radeon

Base (Blue, Black, Purple, Grey)

Rs 60,925

Digi Drum (DT Blue, Black, Red)

Rs 74,834

Digi Disc

Rs 78,834

TVS Star City Plus

Disc (Black Red, Blue Silver, Grey Black)

Rs 76,820

Drum (Grey Black, Red Black)

Rs 79,970

TVS Sport

Kick Start ( Black Blue, Black Red, White Purple, Blue)

Rs 64,050

Self Start (All Black, Grey, Red)

Rs 70,223

TVS XL 100

Comfort (Grey black, Red Black)

Rs 46,671

Heavy Duty ( Red, Black, Green)

Rs 44,999

I-touch start (Mint Blue)

Rs 55,530

I-touch start win edition 

Rs 58,032

Comfort i touch start (Coral Silk)

Rs 58,290

Heavy Duty i-Touchstart Special Edition

Rs 49,249

Compared to the month of May, a few products – like the Raider 125, XL 100 and iQube Electric – have witnessed some changes to their prices. The Raider 125 has seen a hike of Rs 750 for both the single and split-seat variants. Moving to the TVS XL 100, the Heavy-Duty variant of the moped has seen a substantial price cut of Rs 4192, and a hike of Rs 500 in the variants such as the I-Touch start, I-Touch start win edition and Comfort I touch start. Lastly, the standard and the S variant of the  TVS iQube have seen a small hike of Rs 195 and Rs 532, respectively. The iQube ST model is yet to be launched in India.

We recently tested out the current crop of 160cc bikes, and have the results on which one has the best acceleration and braking, which you can check out in the detailed comparison here.

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