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Electric bikes are all the rage and one of the biggest names emerging from this electric revolution has been Revolt Motors. Revolt Motors has established itself as a leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer in India, and it continues to expand its product line with new and innovative electric bikes and scooters. Currently, Revolt offers one model which is Revolt RV 400 priced at 1.25 Lakh. The upcoming electric bike from Revolt includes Revolt RV Cafe Racer which is expected to be launched in 2023.

Revolt Bikes Price List 2024 in India

ModelEx-Showroom PriceMileage / Range
Revolt RV400Rs. 1.27 - 1.44 Lakh150 km/charge
Revolt RV400 BRZRs. 1.32 Lakh150 km/charge

In 2019, Micromax co-founder and CEO, Rahul Sharma, surprised all of us with a shocking announcement. He founded Revolt Motors, an EV startup with the promise of delivering India’s first electric motorcycle. Headquartered in Gurgaon and with a production plant in Manesar, the company launched the RV400 electric motorcycle on 7th August 2019. It was packed with features that hadn’t been seen before in any of the Indian 2-wheeler EVs, such as synthetic engine noises played from built in speakers in the bike’s body. With performance equivalent to a 125cc petrol motorcycle and features from all the top EV 2- wheelers such as Bluetooth connectivity, geo-fencing, LED lighting, multiple riding modes, and over the air updates, it drew immediate interest from a lot of potential buyers. Also, the RV400 came with a large removable battery, which coupled with Revolt’s promise of setting up swap stations across the country made the RV400 a very viable option for many. But one of the most interesting things about this electric motorcycle was its subscription based pricing - the first of its kind for any vehicle in India.

The company also launched a more affordable version of their electric motorcycle, the RV300, which came with a smaller battery and a less powerful hub motor. In 2021, pizza giant Dominos announced that they’d be replacing their petrol powered delivery fleet with the RV300 electric. And the RV300 has been pretty much sold out for the general public since then. In the same year, RattanIndia, a company involved in the energy sector, invested Rs 150 crore in Revolt for a 43 percent stake in the company. The primary objective of this investment was to help Revolt set up battery swap stations across the country, which would make the RV400 an even more attractive option for many more potential buyers.

Currently, Revolt Motors has showrooms, called “Revolt Hubs”, in 23 cities across the country and will soon be expanding to more cities. Going forward, the company plans to also launch an electric cafe racer in the country.

The company's mission is to provide consumers with a sustainable and convenient mode of transportation, while also reducing carbon emissions and promoting a cleaner environment. Revolt's commitment to innovation and sustainability has earned it recognition as one of the leading EV manufacturers in India.

Overall, Revolt is a well-regarded brand in the Indian EV market, known for its high-quality electric bikes and commitment to sustainability. The company continues to expand its product line and invest in research and development, positioning itself as a leader in the Indian EV market.

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Revolt Bikes Price in India

*Ex-showroom price Delhi

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*Ex-showroom price in Delhi

Key Highlights of Revolt Bikes

Popular ModelsRevolt RV400, Revolt RV400 BRZ
Most ExpensiveRevolt RV400 (Rs 1.44 Lakh)
Affordable ModelRevolt RV400 (Rs 1.27 Lakh)
Fuel TypeElectric
Showrooms7 in Delhi

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Revolt Bikes Questions And Answers

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Which are the most popular Revolt Bikes available in India?

The most popular Revolt Bikes are Revolt RV400, Revolt RV400 BRZ available in India with starting price Rs 1.27 Lakh.

Which is the highest-priced bike in Revolt?

The highest-priced bike model of Revolt is Revolt RV400 BRZ with price 1.32 Lakh.

Which is the lowest-priced bike model in Revolt?

The lowest-priced model of Revolt is the Revolt RV400 with price 1.27 Lakh.

Which Revolt bike has the highest driving range in India ?

When compared to other Revolt bike, the Revolt RV400 BRZ has the highest range (150 km/charge).

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