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TVS Jupiter User Reviews

TVS Jupiter
Rs.73,340 - 89,748*
*Ex-showroom Price in delhi
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Jupiter User Reviews

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  • Jupiter Is A Reliable And Efficient Scooter.

    TVS Jupiter is a reliable and efficient scooter, known for its smooth ride and robust build. Its 110cc engine delivers.....Read More

    By honey
    On: Mar 04, 2024 | 27 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter For Its Impressive Fuel Efficiency

    People often praise the TVS Jupiter for its impressive fuel efficiency and comfortable ride. Many appreciate its robust.....Read More

    By gopal
    On: Mar 01, 2024 | 158 Views
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  • for STD

    Excellent Scooter.

    The TVS Jupiter stands out as a reliable and easy-to-ride scooter. It offers excellent mileage and a comfortable riding.....Read More

    By hammad hashmi
    On: Feb 29, 2024 | 92 Views
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  • Jupiter is exemplary as a beast scooter

    The TVS Jupiter is exemplary as a beast scooter. I was dazzled by the plan, look, solace, and mileage of the bike. It's.....Read More

    By gautam
    On: Feb 29, 2024 | 96 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter offers a smooth and comfortable ride

    The TVS Jupiter is a reliable scooter that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Its fuel efficiency is impressive,.....Read More

    By zulfikar
    On: Feb 27, 2024 | 81 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter Smart Scooter for Urban Commute

    Experience urban commuting redefined with the TVS Jupiter, a smart scooter that seamlessly combines functionality with.....Read More

    By gagan
    On: Feb 26, 2024 | 64 Views
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  • Best Performance

    The scooter is great, it's comfortable, safe, and has a stylish design. The price is reasonable, and there's more space.....Read More

    By sumaiyya
    On: Feb 23, 2024 | 248 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter Timeless Elegance, Modern Comfort

    The TVS Jupiter embodies timeless elegance while offering modern comfort for riders. Riding this scooter is a blend of.....Read More

    By yogita
    On: Feb 23, 2024 | 96 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter Riding Comfort Redefined

    The TVS Jupiter is a true companion for your everyday rides. From navigating bustling city streets to cruising on open.....Read More

    By nakul
    On: Feb 22, 2024 | 96 Views
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  • Urban Cruiser

    Being a TVS Jupiter user, I've discovered that it is a great scooter that combines style, performance, and comfort in.....Read More

    By shelja
    On: Feb 21, 2024 | 128 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter 125 Elevating Comfort and Practicality

    The qualification handed by this model has made it an absolute fave of cornucopia. The model s emotional capability to.....Read More

    By sunitha
    On: Feb 20, 2024 | 100 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter Family Fun, Everyday Run

    The TVS Jupiter is a blood- friendly agent that offers diurnal enjoyment beyond precisely being a scooter. The Jupiter.....Read More

    By sunitha
    On: Feb 19, 2024 | 139 Views
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  • Timeless Elegance and Comfort Redefined in TVS Jupiter

    Offering riders a refined commuting experience, the TVS Jupiter redefines classic fineness and comfort. The Jupiter is.....Read More

    By giriraj
    On: Feb 15, 2024 | 149 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter Riding the Sky, Mastering Urban Commutes

    With the TVS Jupiter, a scooter that lets me ride the skies while checking the assiduous megacity highways, I can take.....Read More

    By nadir
    On: Feb 14, 2024 | 114 Views
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  • Best Performance

    The TVS Jupiter is a stellar scooter, impressive with its robust build and smooth performance. Riders appreciate its.....Read More

    By daksh
    On: Feb 13, 2024 | 167 Views
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  • My Experience With TVS Jupiter

    My TVS Jupiter has proven to be a great buy. The vehicle's aesthetic look and pearl white color attracted me at first,.....Read More

    By asif
    On: Feb 12, 2024 | 197 Views
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  • for Classic

    Good Scooter

    This scooter is perfect for daily commuters. It offers a good mileage of around 44 kmph and provides a nice service.....Read More

    By pushpender singh
    On: Feb 09, 2024 | 293 Views
  • TVS Jupiter Elegance, City Cruise

    I can attest from specific experience that I'm appreciative of the thrilling rides and thrilling gests handed by the.....Read More

    By haider
    On: Feb 09, 2024 | 109 Views
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  • Jupiter Effortless City Cruising Redefined

    Effortless metropolis cruising reaches a brand new stage with the TVS Jupiter. The 110cc engine guarantees a clean and.....Read More

    By suhail
    On: Feb 08, 2024 | 131 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter Has Urban Commuting Elegance

    The TVS Jupiter represents urban commuting sleekness and incorporates efficient scooter-style performance. Having an.....Read More

    By dipti
    On: Feb 07, 2024 | 93 Views
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  • for ZX Drum SmartXonnect

    Features Are Excellent

    All aspects of this scooter are commendable, from its exceptionally comfortable seats to its impressive mileage and.....Read More

    By vikas sharma
    On: Feb 07, 2024 | 199 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter Unveiled For Riding Elegance

    The TVS Jupiter is an elegantly styled vehicle that gets good gas mileage, is easy on the eyes, and provides a smooth.....Read More

    By danesh
    On: Feb 06, 2024 | 133 Views
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  • Nice Experience

    The TVS Jupiter, with its classy and simple design, comes in various variants priced around Rs 1 lakh in the Indian.....Read More

    By viraj
    On: Feb 05, 2024 | 186 Views
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  • Best Performance

    If you're seeking a reliable and stylish companion for your daily commute, the TVS Jupiter Scooty is a top contender......Read More

    By sonal kharadi
    On: Feb 05, 2024 | 91 Views
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  • As Big As Jupiter

    Jupiter is more than a journey. It is your best companion on the road and suits every budget (starting from around Rs.....Read More

    By vishal khanna
    On: Feb 02, 2024 | 196 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter Urban exchanging Comfort

    The TVS Jupiter offers civic exchanging comfort, combining practicality with phraseology in the scooter order. With its.....Read More

    By rachit
    On: Jan 31, 2024 | 129 Views
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  • TVS Jupiter Smooth Rides, Bold Experiences

    I can attest to the TVS Jupiter's affableries and daring thrills based on my experience. There are uses for this.....Read More

    By jesty
    On: Jan 29, 2024 | 156 Views
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  • The Epitome Of Comfortable And Reliable Commuting

    The TVS Jupiter is a scooter segment benchmark that effortlessly blends comfort and dependability. This car runs on a.....Read More

    By abhijit
    On: Jan 25, 2024 | 244 Views
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  • Amazing Bike

    The TVS Jupiter is a reliable scooter with a peppy engine, delivering a smooth ride in urban and suburban areas. Users.....Read More

    By aadi
    On: Jan 24, 2024 | 133 Views
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  • Good Scooter

    Today, my TVS Jupiter has shown itself to be an awful buddy. At 84,490, it's an awesome price for several 110cc scooter.....Read More

    By naeem
    On: Jan 23, 2024 | 331 Views
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  • Latest Questions

How many colours are available in TVS Jupiter?

Vikas asked on Feb 26, 2024

TVS Jupiter is available in 16 different colours.

Read More
By Bikedekho experts on Feb 26, 2024

Does it have LED Tail Light?

Vikas asked on Feb 18, 2024

Yes, It has LED Tail Light.

Read More
By Bikedekho experts on Feb 18, 2024

Give the engine specifications of TVS Jupiter?

Devyani asked on Feb 15, 2024

Powering the TVS Jupiter is a 109.7cc air-cooled, single cylinder engine which ...

Read More
By Bikedekho experts on Feb 15, 2024

What is the underseat stotage of TVS Jupiter?

Prakash asked on Feb 14, 2024

The TVS Jupiter has a underseat stotage of 21 litre.

Read More
By Bikedekho experts on Feb 14, 2024

What are the colour options availale for TVS Jupiter?

Shivangi asked on Feb 13, 2024

TVS Jupiter is available in 16 different colours - Mystic Grey, Midnight Black, ...

Read More
By Bikedekho experts on Feb 13, 2024

More Scooter Options to Consider

Compare Variants of Jupiter

  • Sheet Metal WheelCurrently Viewing
    Rs.73,340*EMI: Rs.2,451
    109.7 ccAutomatic
  • STDCurrently Viewing
    Rs.77,458*EMI: Rs.2,597
    109.7 ccAutomatic
  • ZXCurrently Viewing
    Rs.82,233*EMI: Rs.2,734
    109.7 ccAutomatic
  • ZX Drum SmartXonnectCurrently Viewing
    Rs.84,568*EMI: Rs.2,816
    109.7 ccAutomatic
  • ZX SmartXonnectCurrently Viewing
    Rs.89,088*EMI: Rs.2,976
    109.7 ccAutomatic
  • ClassicCurrently Viewing
    Rs.89,748*EMI: Rs.3,000
    109.7 ccAutomatic

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