TVS Apache RTR 310 BTO Kits Explained

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Here’s all you need to know about the BTO (Built To Order) kits available for the new TVS Apache RTR 310

TVS recently launched the naked version of its flagship sportbike in the form of the Apache RTR 310. We had been waiting for this motorcycle to launch for nearly five years, and now that it’s here, it not only offers more performance than the RR 310, but also promises to be the most feature-packed motorcycle in the segment. In fact, the RTR 310 offers some features that have never before been seen on any motorcycle in the world! But there are some caveats here, as most of these features are only available when you purchase the optional BTO (Built To Order) kits. So what do you get on the base motorcycle, and with the various kits?

Base Model

The base motorcycle might seem like a good deal at Rs 2.43 lakh (ex-showroom), but it’s important to understand that this variant has a rather limited features set. What does it get?

  • Arsenal Black colour (only)

  • 5-inch colour TFT screen

  • 5 riding modes (Rain, Urban, Sport, Track, and Super Moto)

  • Non-adjustable suspension, only preload adjustment at the rear

  • Linear traction control 

  • Standard dual-channel ABS

  • Linear cruise control

  • Slipper clutch

  • (GTT) Glide Through Technology

Quickshifter variant

Stepping above the base model, you have the quickshifter variant, which is available in two colourways - Arsenal Black (Rs 2.58 lakh ex-showroom) and Fury Yellow (Rs 2.64 lakh ex-showroom). So what do you get?

  • Everything from the base model

  • Two colour options - Arsenal Black & Fury Yellow

  • Bi-directional quickshifter

Compared to the base model, you’re paying Rs 15,000 more for the quickshifter, and another Rs 6,000 more for the Fury Yellow colour scheme.

Dynamic Kit - Rs 18,000

This kit is where things start getting interesting. For the extra Rs 18,000, you’re getting some high-end kit that lets you set the bike up to suit your riding style.

What do you get?

  • Everything from the base and quickshifter model

  • Fully adjustable fork (Preload, Rebound & Compression)

  • Adjustable monoshock (Preload & Rebound)

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system

  • Brass coated chain

Dynamic Pro Kit - Rs 22,000

If you want the bulk of the electronic features, you need to opt in for this kit. Here’s what you get:

  • Everything from the base and quickshifter model

  • 6-axis IMU (RT-DSC: Race Tuned Dynamic Stability Control)

    • Cornering ABS

    • Cornering traction control

    • Cornering cruise control

    • Wheelie control

    • Rear lift-off control (stoppie control)

    • Slope dependant braking control

  • Climatic controlled seat (heating & cooling)

Colour Kit - Rs 10,000

  • Everything from the base and quickshifter model

  • Sepang Blue colour scheme (inspired from TVS’ racing bikes)

Which model/kit should you get?

For those not interested in any fancy electronics or adjustability, the base model should be fine. We do recommend getting the quickshifter variant, though. It’s at least Rs 15,000 more, but this is really worth it as the quickshifter is probably the best ones we’ve used on any Indian motorcycle and makes gear shifting a breeze regardless of what speed you’re at.

If you’re someone who is much lighter or heavier than average, or likes to load up the motorcycle to go touring, the Dynamic Kit will be a big help as it will help you set up the suspension according to your needs. Even if you want to do the occasional track day, this upgrade will pay off in spades.

If you’re keen on all the fancy electronic safety aids, you’ll need to opt in for the Dynamic Pro Kit. Here you also get the heated and cooled seat. But in our experience, the seat cooling works most effectively when you’re moving slowly through traffic. At higher speeds, you don’t really feel its effect and when you’re idling, this feature cuts off after 5 minutes to save battery.

If you want the fully loaded bike with the adjustable suspension and all the electronic aids, you will need to get both the Dynamic and Dynamic Pro kits. This means you’ll be shelling out at least Rs 2.98 lakh (ex-showroom) for the Arsenal Black bike. If you want the same in the Fury Yellow shade (like the one we tested), the price will go up to Rs 3.04 lakh (ex-showroom).

If you’re really enamoured by TVS’ racing paint scheme, then spending the extra Rs 10,000 for the Sepang Blue might be worth it for you. But in our opinion, this is a bit of an extravagance as the Arsenal Black and Fury Yellow colours look really good by themselves.

Here are all the prices for all variants and kits:


Price (Ex-showroom)

Arsenal Black (without Quickshifter)

Rs 2.43 lakh

Aresenal Black (Quickshiter)

Rs 2.58 lakh

Fury Yellow (Quickshifter)

Rs 2.64 lakh

BTO Kits

Kit Name

Dynamic Kit

Dynamic Pro Kit

Colour Kit

Kit Features

- Adjustable Front & Rear Suspension

- Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

- Brass Coated Chain

- 6-axis IMU for Cornering ABS, Cornering Traction Control & Cornering Cruise Control

- Climatic Control Seat

- Sepang Blue Colour


Rs 18,000

Rs 22,000

Rs 10,000

Price of Tested Bike: Fury Yellow + Dynamic Kit + Dynamic Pro Kit = 3.04 lakh (ex-showroom)

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