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Yamaha Fino Expert Review

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Having achieved remarkable success in the Indian Bike market, Yamaha Motors, have now planned to enter in the scooter market with its uniquely featured models. The ever favourite company is already flourishing well in the Indian Bike market with its most stylish and advanced models and now is ready to test itself in the scooter segment. The all new scooter Yamaha Fino from Yamaha is been designed by the experts being great style and efficiency inculcated to it.

Yamaha Fino is one of its kind and is sure to behold every one's view until it disappears from their front. The 113.7 cc engine is just ready to explore Indian roads with its charm and performance. With consideration of the features inculcated to it, the new Yamaha Fino 115 is to come tagged with a price range of Rs. 45000 only. The scooter is simply outstanding and captivating enough with its styles and features.

The new Yamaha Fino 115 is best suitable for the females and young generation of the country as it is easy to ride and handle. The company provided Yamaha Fino 115 with stunning and outrageous looks and also expects it to soon become every body's favourite and grab a major portion of the market. The new scooter from the company is equipped with an electric start and kick start so as to facilitate its users.

The company stuffed outstanding Yamaha Fino 115 with latest technologies so as to make it the most efficient of all. The all new and the first ever scooter from the company is made able enough to suit the Indian roads perfectly.

The length of Yamaha Fino 115 measures to be 1830 mm with a width of 1050 mm and a height of 705 mm. The scooter with its design is sure to become the favourite of all and is definitely to grab a major portion of the Indian roads with its unique looks.


The elegant Yamaha Fino 115 is accompanied with stylish alloy wheels. The tyres of Yamaha Fino 115 are made efficient enough to control the scooter in events of off-roading and also minimizes the risk of skidding in the slippery surface.

The sophisticated look of the company's Yamaha Fino 115 is just outstanding and class apart. The captivating scooter is very elegant and it is sure to impress the ones coming its way. The acute Yamaha Fino 115 is sure to attract the huge number of customers towards itself.

The chilling and brazen look of the all amazing Yamaha Fino 115 is completely different of those running on the Indian roads. The alluring look of Yamaha Fino 115 is icing on the ever shining brand. The stylish body graphics of Yamaha Fino 115 is also made very appealing.

The body of Yamaha Fino 115 is designed very stylish, classy and impressive by the company. The stylish headlamp placed in the front of the scooter offers classy and elegant look and also clear vision at night.

The sophisticated Yamaha Fino 115 comprises of a flat seat that looks elegant enough and exactly suits the scooter. The ever first scooter of the company is expected to be liked by all and to experience good sales in the Indian market where demand for gear less two-wheelers is increasing tremendously.


The classy and stylish Yamaha Fino 115 is loaded with wealth of comfort and advanced features that make the ride smooth and comfortable for both the rider and the passenger. Yamaha Fino 115 offers swathe of comfort to both. The comfortable long and wide seat accommodated to Yamaha Fino 115 assures to offer painless riding experience.

The Yamaha Fino 115 is definitely to prove itself dynamic and also fuel efficient with the efficiency being inculcated to it. The scooter is expected to be loaded with air cooling technology and an electric start that makes the engine fuel economical and a better performer. The Yamaha Fino 115 is also to offer good mileage in the roads. The fuel tank capacity of Yamaha Fino 115 is 3.7 litres with a reserve of 0.5 litres and the type of fuel to be used is petrol.


The all amazing Yamaha Fino 115 being equipped with an engine capacity of 113.7 cc displacement is expected to provide good mileage and better performance to its users. The engine of the scooter is been endowed with automatic gear box that makes the ride all the more smooth and easier as it keeps you free from complicated gears. The engine of Yamaha Fino 115 is powerful enough to generate zipper acceleration and pick up without any sort of vibration and noises.


Yamaha Fino 115 is powered with 113.7 cc engine capacity of SOHC type with air-cooled technology accommodated to it. The engine of the scooter possess 2 valves being 4 stroke. The elegant scooter is expected to prove a good performer and fuel efficient with electric and kick start. The engine of Yamaha Fino 115 is also bestowed with advanced technologies to enhance the performance of the bike.

The efficient engine has been furnished with 50.0 mm Cylinder Bore and 57.9 mm of Stoke. An automatic gear box is as well accomplished to the scooter to make it all the more easy to ride. The engine is to offer eloquent power and torque with DC-CDI type of ignition.

The unique Yamaha Fino 115 is provided with sound and dynamic braking system. The front brake of the new Yamaha Fino 115 comprises of single disc hydraulic brake while the rear is Drum kind. The sound braking system of Yamaha Fino 115 ensures de-acceleration of speed and halt of the speed instantly or as required, thus guarding the riders against unexpected surprises.

The wheelbase of all new Yamaha Fino 115 is of 1240 mm which ensures proper control and stability to the scooter. Yamaha Fino 115 is being incorporated with latest and new technologies which controls the bike and makes it a good performer. The bike being packed with dynamic and sound braking system is of great help in instant braking.


The suspension system of Yamaha Fino 115 is made able to absorb maximum shock. The advanced suspension of Yamaha Fino 115 is to provide greater stability and control and also ensure jerk free exhilarating riding experience to the user. The exact detailing of the suspension system is yet not disclosed by the company.


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