KTM 390 Adventure: Is The India-spec Bike Better Than The International Model?

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The India-spec model gains some and loses some. Overall, is it a better deal than the one sold abroad? We analyse

When KTM unveiled the 390 Adventure in India, we were a bit surprised as it was not exactly the same as the one sold abroad. We finally got a clear picture of the India-spec model when KTM launched the motorcycle a few days ago. Here’s how it is different from the international-spec motorcycle:

Loses adjustable front fork, gains bidirectional quickshifter:

The KTM 390 Adventure available in the international markets gets a WP Apex inverted front fork with compression and rebound adjustability whereas the model sold here gets WP Apex inverted front fork without any kind of adjustment. That said, the travel in both bikes remains the same, at 170mm. 

Interestingly, KTM has compensated for this with the inclusion of a standard bidirectional quickshifter, which can help the rider shift quickly without the need to pull the clutch lever. In the bike sold abroad, it is available as an optional KTM PowerPart fitment. That said, us enthusiasts would prefer fork adjustability as it makes the motorcycle more versatile in tackling different terrains. On the other hand, the advantage of the quickshifter is evident mostly in performance-oriented machines, particularly on the track.

Comes with different tyres:

The KTM 390 Adventure sold in foreign markets comes with upmarket Continental TKC 70 dual-purpose tyres on both ends, while the one sold in India gets Metzeler Tourance tyres. One of the reasons why KTM has decided to offer this tyre for our market is that the Austrian brand has a good rapport with Metzeler and in fact, it already supplies tyres for both the KTM 390 Duke as well as the KTM RC 390. Moreover, Metzeler has a relatively wider brand presence than Continental, hence, it will be easier to procure the spares as well. 

Costs a lot less than the one sold abroad:

The KTM 390 Adventure is priced at Rs 2,99,000 ex-showroom Delhi, making it Rs 51,000 dearer than the KTM 390 Duke (14.5 per cent more). The motorcycle sold in the UK retails at GBP 5,499 (around Rs 5.11 lakh), which is around GBP 700 (about Rs 65,000 or 20.5 per cent) more expensive than its naked sibling. 

Will get made-in-India luggage system:

The India-spec KTM 390 Adventure will get locally made luggage systems. The brand is likely to launch them in about 3-4 months. KTM is expected to team up with local accessory manufacturers ViaTerra, Rynox, Autologue Designs as they are already experienced in manufacturing accessories, specifically designed for the KTM RC and Duke range. More details here.

Overall, the International-spec KTM 390 Adventure seems to be a better deal than the one sold here as it gets better tyres and offers much more suspension sophistication, thanks to the adjustable inverted front fork. Even though the India-spec 390 Adventure gets a bidirectional quickshifter, it isn’t all that useful considering the purpose of the motorcycle. 

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