BMW G 310 GS BS6: Pros, Cons, Should You Buy One?

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Do we finally have a baby Beemer worthy of the iconic GS name?  

BMW G 310 GS BS6: Pros, Cons, Should You Buy One?

The BS6 transition brought with it several updates that have improved the BMW G 310 GS. So is it finally a bike worth considering and should you invest in one? We help you decide by analysing both the good and bad.


The Pros

Vibe Free?

It's a known fact that the BS4 GS was plagued with vibration issues. Thankfully, that's been toned down, for the most part, in the BS6 iteration. The revised engine internals and new engine mounts, which made a world of a difference on the BS6 TVS Apache RR 310, have been incorporated into the BS6 GS as well. Granted, the engine isn’t completely vibe-free, but it doesn’t send a constant buzz through your thighs and up your spine anymore. In fact, the engine now feels smoother at lower revs which amplifies its riding experience in city traffic. 

Plush Ride

BMW has changed the tune of the suspension on the GS for a plush ride. While it's still on the softer side, it doesn’t bottom out anymore unless you push it to its absolute limit off-road. On tarmac, the setup smoothes out any bumps or imperfections with ease. So the annoying pothole-ridden roads in India aren't an issue anymore as long as you're on the baby GS.

Improved Braking

Another plus is the bike's braking setup. Go hard on the brakes and the bike stops on a dime. The brakes feel progressive and have plenty of bite and feel. Braking distances have improved considerably too, both from 100-0kmph and 60-0kmph compared to the BS4 model. Our only quibble is the absence of switchable ABS, which was present on the BS4 model.


The Cons

Front Heavy

The GS’ wider tyres add to the front-end weight and by extension, increase steering effort. As a result, the front feels a tad slow to react to inputs.

Short Rider Problem

Shorter riders may find themselves tiptoeing, for the most part, thanks to the wider seat profile which makes it a bit difficult to put both feet flat on the ground. The seat height, at 835mm, may seem tall, but it's actually among the lowest in the segment.

Dated TFT Display

The BS6 G 310 GS still uses the same old TFT display. We believe the addition of a more comprehensive colour display would have put the GS in a better position to take on the KTM 390 Adventure.


Should You Buy One?

Improvements to the engine, suspension and brakes have significantly enhanced the overall riding experience. The baby GS feels more polished, is more capable off-road, and has better equipment for an asking price that’s not only lower than before but also much more affordable than the KTM 390 Adventure. All this with BMW’s high-quality standards intact. So yeah, if you ask us, the BS6 G 310 GS is definitely worth considering over the 390 Adventure.

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