Yamaha FZ-X: Road Test Review

Published On Aug 5, 2021 By Manaal Mahatme for Yamaha FZ-X

Does it make sense to splurge the additional money over the FZ-FI for this neo-retro machine?

Lately, the world seems to be smitten by neo-retro motorcycles and almost every manufacturer has one in its lineup. Yamaha’s XSR family is one of the most popular in the genre, and in particular, the Yamaha XSR155 is something that Indian enthusiasts had been asking for. With the Yamaha MT-15 already in the market, it didn’t seem impossible either. But Yamaha Motor India had other plans, and gave us the FZ-X instead, using the FZ-FI’s tried and tested formula.

Design And Features

  • The influence of the Yamaha XSR155 is evident from the teardrop-shaped tank, metal fender brace, headlight brace and the tuck and roll seat. However, instead of having its own unique style, the FZ-X ends up looking like a cheap knock-off of the XSR155.
  • That said, the quality of the paint, switchgear and the body panels is certainly a step up from what Yamaha has produced in the past couple of years. There are no inconsistent panel gaps either.
  • The Yamaha FZ-X lacks a hinged fuel cap, so refueling is slightly inconvenient.
  • The optional Yamaha Y-Connect adds a bunch of features, including phone notifications. Using the app, you can also check maintenance recommendations, malfunctions and last parking location. However, it lacks turn-by-turn navigation.


  • Since the Yamaha XSR 155 was derived from the MT-15, it got a sporty stance. The FZ-X on the other hand took the FZ-Fi’s commuter intentions more seriously and has become even more of a city slicker.
  • The FZ-X features a tall handlebar, which is angled towards the rider, and fairly forward-set footpegs. This upright riding posture is comfortable for city runs, but long hauls on the saddle aren’t enjoyable, which is further spoiled by the extra soft seat.
  • Besides, the wide tank needs you to slightly spread your legs, and requires you to adjust your feet to shift or use the rear brake. Even the gap between the peg and the toe-only shifter is a bit small, making shifting gears a bit of a task.
  • The FZ-X is 4kg heavier than the Yamaha FZ-Fi but on the go, it manages to mask the extra flab. At 810mm, the seat height isn’t low, but getting your feet on the ground won’t be an issue for the majority of the riders.

Engine And Performance


Yamaha FZ-X


149cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled SOHC

Bore x Stroke

57.3 x 57.9mm


12.4PS at 7250rpm


13.3Nm at 5500rpm



  • Over the years, Yamaha chose to compromise on performance for commuting for the FZ-S FI, and thus, the same engine plies its trade on the FZ-X. The Japanese manufacturer has even retained the gearing of the FZ.
  • The engine feels quite sluggish.  In our VBox acceleration tests, it failed to record 100kmph, even though the odometer displayed 105kmph, which in itself was a great task.
  • In fact, the FZ-X is slower than the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 which we tested last month. The baby NS is 0.6 seconds faster in the 0-60kmph sprint and the gap widens to 1.11 seconds in the 0-80kmph run.


Yamaha FZ-X


7.04 seconds


13.89 seconds

  • Though the Yamaha FZ-X doesn’t impress with its acceleration, the single-cylinder engine is super tractable. You can not only ride the bike a gear or two higher, but the motor feels relaxed even in 5th gear at speeds as low as 30kmph.


Yamaha FZ-X

30-70kmph (3rd gear)

11.01 seconds

40-80kmph (4th gear)

10.68 seconds

  • Roll-on acceleration numbers aren’t impressive either. Overtaking requires you to shift down a gear or two to get the best out of the engine.
  • The Yamaha FZ-X is best suited for the city. Highway riding seems out of the league for this bike. Not only does it have sluggish acceleration, but the engine starts feeling strained beyond 80kmph.

Fuel Efficiency

Yamaha FZ-X





Fuel tank capacity

10 litres

  • Its lacklustre performance does have an upside, though. In the age of the petrol crossing a century, the FZ-X’s frugality pays off. City efficiency is amongst the best in the class but its highway scores continue to be a let down.
  • While 48kmpl may not sound that bad, but given that the FZ-X’s beefy tank has a capacity of a mere 10 litres, which is three litres less than the FZ, you’ll end up refuelling more often.

Ride And Handling

  • Handling is fairly predictable, but is limited by the dual-purpose tyres on the tarmac. The tyres do not inspire the confidence to go hard in corners.
  • Just like with the FZ-FI, the suspension setup is quite good. Not only does it manage to soak in the small bumps, but even riding through bigger bumps won’t be a jarring experience. Interestingly, the suspension is firm enough to inspire confidence when cornering.


Yamaha FZ-X





Seat Height


Ground Clearance


  • The Yamaha FZ-X’s brakes perform decently. In fact, the bike stops sooner than the 2021 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V that we recently tested.
  • Even under hard braking, the bike doesn’t lose composure and manages to stay stable.
  • While the performance is good, a little more feedback from the lever would have been appreciated.
  • The single-channel ABS unit comes standard with the FZ-X.


Yamaha FZ-X









Rs 1,16,800


Rs 1,21,800

At Rs 1.16 lakh, the Yamaha FZ-X has been priced on par with the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V and even the Hero XPulse 200. Both these bikes not only cost less than the FZ but also pack more performance and are adequate for highway duties too.

But there’s no going around the fact that the Yamaha FZ-X is a head turner (may not be for all the right reasons). So, if you are on a hunt for a bike that stands out in the general crop of commuters in the segment, the Yamaha FZ-X is the one for you.

The Yamaha FZ-X is a great commuter thanks to its easy-going ergonomics and suspension. And if you are smitten by this aspect of the bike, why not get yourself the Yamaha FZS-FI and save enough to buy yourself some riding gear?

Yamaha FZ-X

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