2021 TVS Apache RR 310 - Built To Order: First Ride Review

Published On Sep 2, 2021 By Team Bikedekho for TVS Apache RR 310

Do the new Race and Dynamic Kits that TVS offers on the new RR 310 make it a sharper motorcycle on the track?

The TVS Apache RR 310 is certainly one of our most favourite motorcycles currently on sale in India, if for nothing else than just the sheer flexibility it offers. It’s a great everyday commuter, works well as a tourer and is tonnes of fun on the race track. And every year, TVS has been updating their flagship, either fixing some niggles or adding some features that have made it better and better each time. For the 2021 , the RR’s fourth update in as many years doesn’t do much to the base bike, but allows for some customisation by means of a couple of kits as part of their new Built To Order platform. So how have these Race and Dynamic Kits affected the RR 310?


  • Race Kit makes for a sportier riding position on the track that works well on the road too.
  • Adjustable suspension allows you to truly tailor the bike for your riding style.
  • Updated exhaust sounds throaty and sportier.


  • Brakes are still lacking in feel.
  • Throttle response is still a little imprecise.

Stand-out Features:

  • The adjustable suspension can work wonders if dialed in correctly, and is quite affordable too.
  • Riding modes have been a great addition since the BS6 update and really increase the versatility of the bike.
  • Riding position is as comfortable as ever and the Race Kit clip-ons and footpegs don’t compromise this.


  • The overall design of the Apache RR 310 hasn’t changed after the BS6 update that came last year. You can read more about that bike HERE.
  • Still a very handsome looking motorcycle with its full fairing, bi-LED headlights and sharp tail.
  • The most prominent visual update is the new TVS Racing inspired Red and White Livery that’s available as an addition to the red and black ones that came on the BS6 update.
  • We’re not huge fans of this new race-inspired livery and would’ve liked it more if TVS would’ve offered the dark blue livery they run on their race bikes.
  • And you also have the option of customising the colour of the RR’s alloy wheels before purchase using either TVS’ augmented reality ARIVE app or using the web configurator
  • Right now, only three colour options are available - black (standard), gray and red, the last of which really looks cool with the black/gray bike.
  • You’ll also notice the slightly more upswept exhaust and the golden chain on this 2021 model, but more on those later.


  • While the standard riding position of the 2021 bike hasn’t changed, buyers will now have an option to do so by adding the Race Kit.
  • The Race Kit has clip on handlebars which are angled 5 degrees inwards and 8 degrees downwards, along with knurled metal footpegs which are set 30mm higher.
  • These new handlebars allow for a much sportier tuck behind the fairing and also make it easier to hold on the bars when hanging off in the corners.
  • But the beauty of these is that since they’re not lower than standard, the RR’s comfortable riding position that works so well while commuting or touring isn’t compromised.

  • The raised footpegs along with the more upswept exhaust gives an additional 4.5 degrees of cornering clearance on either side.
  • Grinding the footpegs when leaned over is the major Achilles’ Heel of the RR 310 and these new footpegs address this issue completely, while also allowing you to better use the leech-like grip of its Michelin Road 5 tyres.
  • In our entire track session with this new RR 310, we never once ground the pegs in any of the corners.

Technology And Features

  • The only feature update this 2021 RR 310 has received is to the colour TFT console, which was first introduced in the BS6 update last year.
  • Digilocker allows you to upload scans of your documents, such as your RC, driving license, etc to the console using the TVS Connect app on your phone, so you don’t need to carry these physical documents on you while riding.
  • There’s also a new dynamic rev limiter, which changes the displayed redline of the engine based on how hot the motor is running. This should go a long way in improving this engine’s longevity.
  • And finally, a day trip meter shows you your day’s riding stats such as riding time, distance covered and average fuel efficiency.
  • The rest of the RR 310’s features, such as its riding modes, are unchanged. You can read more about them in our BS6 Apache RR 310 Road Test Review.

Ride And Handling

  • The biggest talking point about this new RR 310, at least for us, is the new optional Dynamic Kit on offer, which consists of a fully-adjustable Kayaba fork and a preload- and compression-adjustable Kayaba monoshock.
  • There’s also a brass-coated chain as part of this kit that should definitely last longer than the standard chain.
  • The separate function fork has 20 steps of adjustment for compression as well as rebound along with 15mm of preload adjustment, while the monoshock has a 20-step compression and 10-step preload adjustment.
  • We rode a few laps on stock settings where the bike didn’t feel much different compared to the standard BS6 bike we had ridden last year.
  • But when TVS engineers dialled in some track specific settings, the RR 310 became a whole different beast.
  • The “race setting” which was dialled in on our bike worked perfectly for my weight (95kg without gear), and I was able to lean harder, brake later and throttle out of corners much earlier than I otherwise could.
  • It allowed me to really use the extra grip that the Michelin Road 5 tyres offered.

  • That said, this suspension upgrade isn’t a magical add-on that immediately transforms the motorcycle into something more potent.
  • You’ll have to either do some trial-and-error or have an expert look into it to set the bike up for your riding style - after all, there’s a lot to work with here which can get a little intimidating for someone who hasn’t set up suspension before.
  • But once you figure it out, you’ll be able to set up the suspension perfectly for any given application - a nice stiff setup for the track or twisties, or a more supple ride to go touring on.
  • This Dynamic Kit really makes the Apache RR 310 even more versatile than it already is.


  • While the Apache RR 310 is offered only in one variant, the new Built To Order (BTO) platform will allow buyers to customise their RR 310 to suit their needs.
  • You can choose from three colour options for the bike - Red, Titanium Gray (black) and TVS Racing livery, and three colour options for the wheels - black, gray and red.
  • And you can also add the Race and Dynamic Kits mentioned above.
  • 2021 TVS Apache RR 310: How To Buy?


The TVS Apache RR 310 was already the most versatile made-in-India motorcycle on sale today. With BTO, now it has become even more versatile and can really be tailored to each rider’s riding style and body weight. And these updates have come at a very reasonable price too. While the base bike’s price has gone up by about Rs 5,000 and now stands at Rs 2,59,990 (ex-showroom Delhi), the Race Kit is just an additional Rs 5,000 while the Dynamic Kit comes in for an extra Rs 12,000. These kits are significantly more affordable than what something similar would cost you in the aftermarket, and even when you deck out your RR 310 with both kits, it still undercuts the current-gen KTM RC 390. So not only has the Apache RR 310 become more versatile, but we think it’s now even better value-for-money, and has really cemented its position as TVS’ flagship model.

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