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Honda CB 1000R User Reviews

4 /5
based on (3 reviews)

    Total 3 Review Available For Honda CB 1000R

    •   |  Oct 02, 2015  |  415 Views

      Reviews: You can’t have a bike that’s built to excite without having a backbone that can handle all the dirty work to ensure that it rides as good full review

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    •   |  Oct 02, 2015  |  289 Views

      Reviews: A simple basic style is a delight for a conservative commuter. Certainly not the best looking when it comes to styling yet one could not find full review

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    •   |  Oct 02, 2015  |  327 Views

      Reviews: I have used this bike for one and half years travelling 12000kms, just a wonderful bike I must say. Engine can take lot of abuse , but i have full review

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