TVS Price List For July 2021: TVS Apache RR 310, NTorq 125, Jupiter, And More

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Unlike a lot of other manufacturers, TVS hasn’t introduced any price hike yet

Quite a few two-wheeler makers have announced an upwards price revision for their offerings. But TVS has continued with the same prices as last month. Here’s the complete list:

TVS Models and Variants


Apache RTR 160 Drum

Rs 1,03,365

Apache RTR 160 Disc

Rs 1,06,365

Apache RTR 180

Rs 1,09,565

Apache RTR 160 4V drum

Rs 1,08,565 

Apache RTR 160 4V disc

Rs 1,11,615 

Apache RTR 200 4V single-channel ABS

Rs 1,29,315

Apache RTR 200 4V dual-channel ABS

Rs 1,34,365

Apache RR 310

Rs 2,49,990

Star City Plus ES Drum

Rs 66,895

Star City Plus ES Disc

Rs 69,465

Radeon STD

Rs 59,992 

Radeon Commuter Bike Of The Year Edition Drum

Rs 65,567

Radeon Commuter Bike Of The Year Edition Disc

Rs 68,567

Sport Kick

Rs 56,130

Sport Electric

Rs 62,980

Scooty Pep Plus Glossy

Rs 56,009

Scooty Pep Plus Matte Edition

Rs 58,759

Scooty Zest 110 Gloss

Rs 62,980

Scooty Zest 110 Matte Series

Rs 64,980

Jupiter Sheet Metal Wheel

Rs 64,437

Jupiter STD

Rs 66,662

Jupiter ZX

Rs 69,637

Jupiter ZX Disc with iTouchstart

Rs 73,737

Jupiter Classic

Rs 73,707

NTorq 125 Drum

Rs 71,095

NTorq 125 Disc

Rs 75,395

NTorq 125 Race Edition

Rs 78,375

NTorq 125 Super Squad Edition

Rs 81,075

XL100 Comfort

Rs 41,015

XL100 Heavy Duty

Rs 43,535

XL100 Heavy Duty i-Touchstart

Rs 48,364

XL100 Heavy Duty i-Touchstart Special Edition

Rs 49,224

XL100 Comfort i-Touchstart

Rs 50,384

XL100 HeavyDuty i-Touchstart Win Edition

Rs 50,126

iQube Electric

Rs 1,00,77 (on-road, post benefits)

Thanks to the Fame 2 subsidy, the TVS iQube is now more affordable than last month. The home-grown e-scooter is also available in Pune, but prices differ from those in the capital. 

That said, the Apache RR 310 could soon receive a price hike as the 2021 model is in the pipeline. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the bike’s launch has been delayed and postponed to later this year. 



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