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5 Most Affordable Electric Two-Wheelers In India

Modified On Mar 2, 2021 10:57 AM By Manaal Mahatme for Hero Electric Flash

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You won’t need deep pockets to buy these EVs

With the rising prices of petrol, commuting with your fuel chugging vehicles isn’t really going to be easy on your pocket. The Indian market already has scores of electric two-wheelers that can be used for varied purposes and come really close to replacing your conventional options. If you too were under the perception that you’ll have to shell out a lot for an EV, here’s our list of five affordable electric two-wheelers you can buy today. The market certainly has more economical options but their reputation is a bit dodgy. This list has been curated based on our experience with the brands and their products.

Hero Lectro C3
Price: Rs 23,999

The most affordable e-bike from Hero Lectro’s lineup promises a range of upto 25km. It comes with four riding modes, and a top speed of 25kmph. The li-ion battery pack takes 4 hours to charge and is IP67-certified as well. With an option to pedal back home, you wouldn’t be left stranded even if you ran out of charge. The downside though, is that you won’t be able to carry a pillion or even luggage.

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Ampere V48
Price: Rs 34,899

That’s where the e-scooters score. The Ampere V48 offers a range of upto 60km. With a payload capacity of 100kg, won’t probably allow most of us to have a pillion, but the footboard is good enough for some luggage. The e-scooter uses a 250W BLDC battery and has a top-speed of 25kmph which doesn’t require the rider to have a license.

Hero Electric Flash
Price: Rs 39,550

If you are not looking for a low-speed scooter, the Hero Electric Flash is a great option. With a claimed top speed of 40kmph and a range of 60km, the Flash seems like a good commuter. For its price, the e-scooter comes with premium equipment like LED illumination, digital instrument cluster and crashguard as standard.

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Eeve Ahava
Price: Rs 55,900

For those looking for features in their e-scooters, the Eeve Ahava will impress you with its list of features. From LED illumination, smartphone connectivity, geo-tagging, geo-fencing and a lot more. The hardware on this e-scooter is impressive as well, with disc brake handling the braking duties at the front. With a claimed range of 70km, the Ahava surely presents a strong case for itself.

Avan Trend E
Price: Rs 56,900

While most budget e-scooters use lead acid batteries, Avan has been using a lithium-ion battery.  The Trend-E comes with a claimed range of 60km (extendable to 110km with an additional battery) and can be changed in about four hours. At 150kg, load capacity is impressive as well.

If you’ve had a good experience with any other EV that should have made it to the list, please let us know in the comments.

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