Things to Keep in Mind While Going on a Long Motorcycle Trip

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Going on a motorcycle ride is a perfect way to release stress and cherish the true motorcyclist present inside you. However, opting for a motorcycling ride without any proper planning might get you in trouble and prove a big headache instead of giving pleasure.

So, today we bring you some top tips that you should essentially keep in mind before going on such trips to make the most out of them.

1. Keep Copies of Documents Handy:

Always keep a single copy of some important documents like driving licence, vehicle registration number, insurance papers, etc. Moreover, you should also keep copies of emergency contact information, medical information papers and important places that will prove helpful to you on your way. These will prove very beneficial in case a traffic police officer stops you on road and asks for these documents.

2. Always carry sufficient cash:

Having a bit of extra cash on the go does no harm. In fact, having a habit of carrying adequate amount of cash that not only fulfills your roadside needs but also prove a boon in case of an emergency. 

3. Optimum Tyre Pressure:

Correct tyre pressure not only helps gain a better control but also supports the overall weight of the bike and luggage quite effectively. Filling air in the tyre to the fullest and according to the suggested figure in the owner's manual will always keep you on the safer side and avoid chances of any mishap. 

4. Avoid Blocking Engine Airflow:

Most of the bikes these days come with an air-cooled engine that breathes through the air around it. For this purpose, the mill sucks in air from the front portion of the vehicle around the fender and below the headlight. Hence, it is highly advisable to not put anything near these areas so that no stress occurs on the engine. 

5. Take care of the Load Limits:

Your bike and the saddlebag it has, always comes with a load limit which is specified in the owner’s manual. Overloading the bike above the suggested weight will increase the braking distance that might prove hazardous in many cases. Moreover, if you put that extra weight on the bike, there is a healthy chance that your machine’s components like the suspension unit and tyres also get weared up more rapidly as compared to normal riding conditions.

6. Keep luggage close to the Centre of Gravity:

In other words, it simply refers to supporting the concept of mass centralisation. The right place to put heavy luggage on your bike is right behind you on the seat. As the bike’s centre of gravity lies close to the above mentioned area, keeping the luggage at the stated position won’t spoil the handling and stability of the bike.

7. Bag Guards:

Most of the saddlebags you will notice undergo slight or more damage at the end of each road trip. This happens due to their loose attachment with the bike that eventually leaves them in a miserable condition. The bags often get damaged by the burns caused by tyres and exhaust. Many a times, even wind pressure or involvement of rider or pillion forces the saddlebag run into moving or critical parts of the motorcycle. Hence, it is advised to opt for specially designed bags that are manufactured for particular bikes only. You can also choose various chords to keep your luggage tight and prevent it from being interacted with other parts of the vehicle.   

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