What Happens When You Install Wider Tyres in Your Motorcycle?

Published On Feb 16, 2016 By at BikeDekho.com

Nowadays, people are crazy for the motorcycles with a fat rear tyre, however, some of them use a different way to fulfil this desire. So, if they do not have a bike with a fat rear tyre they opt for aftermarket wheels and tyres to get the feel in their existing motorcycle. But the big question is does this really work? Well! we will tell you the truth.

First of all, parts of a motorcycle are selected  according to the overall design of the model and after testing them for it. So, if you are replacing any of the parts with a different specifications then the prescribed option, you will also have to change some other related parts as well. Most of the time, people don't care about the results and just get a fatter tyre on the wheel rim of their motorcycle. Sometimes, this can lead to a flatter contact patch. In this condition, leaning becomes  difficult because the shape of the tire is not rounded.

Cross section of a tyre changes according to the time and load on the motorcycle. It becomes wider as the time goes on or the load increases. Now, the another problem that appears after getting a fatter tyre on your motorcycle is the space between the swingarm, as you know that the space between the swingarm remains constant for a particular size of the wheel and manufacturer always provide a clearance for the variation in the standard tyre size. So, if you are using a fat tyre on the same arrangement, it will start contacting the swingarm after a time and it will result in drastic wear and tear of the tyre.

Now, you might be thinking that getting a wider wheel rim along with the fatter tyre is a perfect solution, but no. Even The belt, chain, and drive gear/sprocket may be pulled off center, so it can fit around the wider wheel. This can have a negative effect on the bike’s transmission.

If we talk about the performance of the motorcycle with a wider tyre as compared to the standard one, it will be on the negative side as the bigger contact patch results in more frictional losses that can be seen in the fuel economy and top speed of the bike. Also, the increased contact surface can increase the handling efforts.

Till now, we were talking about the disadvantages of instaling a fatter aftermarket tyre in a motorcycle, however, if you will do it properly, it can also offer the following advantages.

Wide tyres provide bigger contact patch and as a result, one gets a better traction on any surface. Directly, it helps in preventing slippage in wet, rainy, emergency braking and other extreme conditions.

In addition to this, wide tyres provide a smoother ride, as they are more capable of absorbing the bumps on the road.


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