Tips to protect your bike during Holi – The Festival of Colours

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You have finally bought your dream bike and have been following all the service guidelines to keep it in great shape. But, sometimes, you need to go that little extra besides the regular pampering it is used to. Holi is considered one of India’s biggest festivals and unites the country with its blanket of colours and cheer like no other. 

We would like to share with you some tips to protect your ride during the onslaught of the festivity and save you from seriously colourful heartburns:-

Keep it wrapped

The easiest way to save your ride is to keep it covered under a thick plastic sheet. This is especially relevant if your bike is parked in open spaces or narrow lanes that are prone to high spirited passing crowds. 

Apply wax polish

If your motorcycle was not already Teflon coated then ensure that all the painted panels or parts are wax polished. This keeps the stubborn oil paints or permanent colours used in the festival from settling into the top layer of the paint and damaging it.

On the move

If you have to be on the move then make sure you are riding slow and are keeping it to the left. Ensure you maintain more than safe distance on this day to avoid sudden braking or skidding. You can also use a rain cover that fits the console and protects it from water and colours.

Removing stains

This could be the toughest part. If despite all precautions taken you still find that your prized ride requires a thorough cleaning, then don’t hesitate to wash it down with mild soap and water as soon as you can. This will work particularly well if you have followed some of the precautions with regards to waxing and polishing as mentioned above. Avoid using harsh detergents or dish washing liquids as they are hard on the paint and will rob your ride off its original gloss. If despite cleaning you still find colour stains, then we recommend that you use automotive rubbing compounds available in the market. Make sure you polish the bike once the cleaning is done to restore its paint gloss and to protect it.

So then, above are some of the ways we recommend that you could protect your bike. Enjoy the festival with peace of mind. Please do share tips and tricks that have worked for you. 

Here’s wishing you all a very happy and colourful Holi.

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