TVS Apache RTR 160, RTR 160 4V Prices Hiked Once Again

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Less than two months after the previous hike, prices have gone up once more

TVS Apache RTR 160 prices hiked

If you’ve had to postpone your plans of buying a new TVS Apache because of the pandemic, we’ve got even more bad news for you, unfortunately. You’re going to have to save up a little bit extra, because TVS has ONCE AGAIN hiked prices of the Apache RTR 160 and RTR 160 4V models. This increase of just over Rs 1,000 comes less than two months after the previous price hike for these models in the beginning of June. The exact prices are available below:


Old Price

New Price


Apache RTR 160 4V Drum

Rs 1,02,950

Rs 1,04,000

Rs 1,050

Apache RTR 160 4V Disc

Rs 1,06,000

Rs 1,07,050

Rs 1,050

Apache RTR 160 Drum

Rs 97,000

Rs 98,050

Rs 1,050

Apache RTR 160 Disc

Rs 1,00,000

Rs 1,01,050

Rs 1,050

TVS Apache RTR 160, RTR 160 4V Prices Hiked

We’re sad to report that despite the increment, there are no changes to the motorcycles themselves. The 2V version is now nearly Rs 5,000 more expensive than it was at the time of its BS6 launch, and with every single price hike, it seems less and less like the sweet deal that it once was, especially considering the bike’s age. Though much newer, the 160 4V is also over Rs 4,000 more expensive than its original BS6 price, and is now quite a bit more costly than competition like the Yamaha FZ-Fi and Hero Xtreme 160R. Any further increase in price is quite likely to push buyers away from the Apaches and onto opposition bikes, so we hope that TVS keeps the prices steady for a while now.

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