Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6: Which Colour To Pick

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With six paint options on offer, it can get quite confusing to pick one for your new Himalayan. That's where we come in

Royal Enfield has finally launched the BS6-compliant Himalayan in India. Apart from the updated motor, other major changes on the new Himalayan include the addition of switchable ABS. For a detailed report on the changes, head here. Now though, let us focus on the various paint options that RE has brought to the table. With a total of six colours on offer, it can get quite confusing. Here’s our take on each one of them. 

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1: Granite Black:

While the BS4 Himalayan was always available in black, Royal Enfield has tweaked the shade a bit for the BS6 version. And we must say the grey highlight on the side panel and on the fuel tank looks amazing. If you are one of those people who like to play it safe, then Granite Black is the colour to go for. 

2: Gravel Grey: 

Matte paint options are the hardest to pull off. So kudos to Royal Enfield for having two matte options in its lineup. Apart from black, there’s a matte grey paint option for those who want a lighter paint option, yet with a matte finish. 

3: Snow White: 

What if you want to click an image of your Himalayan with loads of muck and debris stuck on it to show what a great day you had with your adventure bike. The best way to do this is to choose the lightest paint option in the entire colour spectrum. However, before you tick the box, we must add that this colour needs the most TLC. But we think you already know this, right? 

4: Sleet Grey: 

The Sleet Grey paint option has been on sale for a long time now. At first, it was the only option if you wanted to stand out from the crowd. However, we think that Sleet Grey may have lost its edge over the new paint options. 

5: Lake Blue: 

Bravo to the designer that thought the Himalayan needed a bit more zing by adding vibrant paint options. Usually, we aren’t big fans of bright and vibrant paint options, but RE has played it pretty safe over here. The only part that is painted in blue is the tank… and that too only half of it. The rest is finished in white. But even with that limited amount of paint, this colour scheme looks pretty good to our eyes.

6: Rock Red: 

Want to make a bold statement with your Himalayan? Well, this is your best bet. The black and red paint scheme on the Himalayan looks absolutely stunning. The image above of the Rock Red Himalayan traversing through snow-capped mountains could be you on your Himalayan… on YOUR trip to Leh! 


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