Battle Of Two Sporty 160cc Commuters!

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Does the updated Hero Xtreme 160R 4V have what it takes to beat the Bajaj Pulsar N160?

The Bajaj Pulsar N160 has been an impressive bike ever since it was launched. It was (and still is) the only bike in its segment to boast of dual-channel ABS and we found it to be a very likable bike in our first ride review. In fact, it even emerged as the undisputed winner of our 160cc mega comparo

But now with the updated Xtreme 160R 4V, the Xtreme has made a comeback in a seemingly more powerful and better-equipped avatar. But is it actually enough to match or maybe even better the xtremely capable Pulsar? Let’s find that out: 



Bajaj Pulsar N160

Hero Xtreme 160R 4V


5.24 seconds

5.39 seconds


9.44 seconds

9.47 seconds


16.55 seconds

17.94 seconds

At 154kg (dual-channel ABS variant), the Pulsar N160 is 10kg heavier than the Xtreme AND has 0.9PS less. But despite that, it outran the latter in all of our acceleration tests thanks to the free-revving nature of the Pulsar’s engine. It doesn’t mind being revved-out and is pretty smooth right up to its top speed. It can maintain a steady 90kmph all day long and even at 100kmph, it doesn’t feel very frazzled. 

The Xtreme 160R 4V, on the other hand, starts running out of breath right around the 70kmph mark and by the time you reach 90kmph it’s not only out of juice, but also quite vibey. 

In fact, the Pulsar also masks its weight rather well. Despite being the heavier one, it’s the easier bike to tip from corner to corner. While the Xtreme doesn’t feel exactly heavy on its own, you do feel the extra weight that it has gained in its 4-valve transition.  

Roll Ons: 


Bajaj Pulsar N160

Hero Xtreme 160R 4V

30-70kmph in 3rd gear

6.13 seconds

6.23 seconds

40-80kmph in 4th gear

8.14 seconds

9.33 seconds

In our mega comparo, the Pulsar N160 came out as the best city bike amongst its competitors and it was for a reason. The abundance of torque means it has a lovely mid range and hence the roll-on acceleration figures are better than the Xtreme’s. It’s hence also a lot less work in the city for it chugs along nicely even in lower speeds at higher gears. The Xtreme, despite being decently tractable, doesn’t really have the mid range punch that the N160 does. 

Another thing that makes the Pulsar N160 fantastic in the city is its extremely light clutch, to a point where you can operate it with your pinky finger. So even if you’re stuck in a major traffic jam, you won’t come out with a sore left hand. 



Bajaj Pulsar N160

Hero Xtreme 160R 4V


33.91 m

38.67 m


18.64 m

21.52 m

This is where the Pulsar REALLY shines, for its brakes have a sharp initial bite and a nice progression. But more importantly, it’s the only bike in its segment to offer dual-channel ABS, meaning it boasts of incredible stopping numbers. 

The Xtreme’s easy-going nature is seen with its braking too. Compared to the Pulsar, its bite is a lot lesser and coming to a halt from higher speeds doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence. And given its single-channel ABS system, squeezing the rear brake too hard will eventually lock it up, leading to increased stopping distances. 



Bajaj Pulsar N160

Hero Xtreme 160R 4V

Price (ex-showroom Delhi)

Rs 1,30,560 

Rs 1,27,300 (base)

Rs 1,32,800 (connected variant)

Rs 1,36,500 (premium variant)

If you thought this was a bit of a one-sided battle, that’s because it kind of was. The Pulsar N160 outshines the Xtreme in almost every aspect including the price. At Rs 1,30,560, the Pulsar is almost Rs 6,000 cheaper than the top-spec Xtreme. And even if you compare it with the most affordable variant of the Xtreme, the premium for the N160 is just over Rs 3,000, which in our opinion, is money very well spent. 

All in all, it doesn’t seem like the updated Xtreme has what it takes to really take on the N160. The Pulsar, hence, still remains the undisputed king of the 160cc sporty commuter segment.

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