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The Confusion Of Power Sources: Fixed Vs Removable Batteries In Electric Two-Wheelers

Modified On Dec 25, 2023 03:46 PM By Team Bikedekho for Ather 450X

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Reliability of a fixed battery vs convenience of a removable battery: Which one is better? Let’s find out…

Fixed Battery Pack Vs Swappable Battery

Are you ready to explore the world of electric two-wheelers and uncover the pros and cons of fixed versus removable batteries? Buckle up because this article will take you on an educational journey to illuminate this intriguing topic. 

Try to picture this: the convenience of a removable battery, allowing you to easily swap it out for a fully charged one, versus the reliability and stability of a fixed battery that's always there when you need it. In this article, we'll dive into the advantages and disadvantages of both options, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Let's dive in!

Fixed Batteries

TVS X Fixed Battery: Fixed Battery Pack Vs Swappable Battery

Fixed batteries are a common feature in electric two-wheelers. These batteries are permanently attached to the vehicle, providing a hassle-free experience for riders like you. They are also known as hidden batteries and are more durable than removable ones as they are fitted or fixed inside the vehicle. The main advantages of using such batteries are: 

  • Weight Balance: E-bikes with integrated batteries generally look more well-structured and aerodynamic. This improves the overall weight distribution and improves the stability of your ride.

  • Consistent Performance: As these batteries need not be removed often, the connection to the motor remains stable. According to research by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, fixed batteries can increase the overall range up to 50%, faster speed and acceleration. Thus supplying consistent & reliable performance.

  • Damage Resistant: Due to the integrated design, these batteries are less prone to damage from weather, accidents, etc. 

  • Less Theft Prone: These batteries are less likely to be stolen. They are fitted tightly and deeply, so they can't be stolen easily. This can lessen your worries about your e-bike the next time you park it!

Ather 450X Fixed Battery: Fixed Battery Pack Vs Swappable Battery

But as every coin has two sides, there are some disadvantages as well:

  • Cost: As these are non-replaceable and fitted into the frame, they are quite costly when compared to removable ones and may prove heavy on your pockets. 

  • Mobility: The lack of portability can offer challenges in terms of access to charging.

  • Charging Time: It is evident that we can't exchange a charged battery with a discharged one; thus, the charging time may become an issue for many people. 

Removable Batteries

Gogoro Removable Battery: Fixed Battery Pack Vs Swappable Battery

As the name suggests, these batteries can be easily removed and replaced with new ones when needed. They are designed so that you can access them easily and replace them at your convenience. Unlike its former competition, removable batteries are fixed with latches or handles. The main advantages of these batteries are:

  • Easily Rechargeable: Unlike fixed batteries, you can recharge or swap them easily. There is no need to worry about the next charging station, as you can also carry spare batteries. 

  • Flexibility: The fact that you can carry some spare charge with you greatly increases your flexibility over longer rides. As discussed above, you may exchange batteries as they discharge. 

  • Easy Maintenance: These batteries don't cost as much as fixed ones. You can also inspect them for any damage or fault, which can be corrected beforehand. 

  • Reduced Downtime: If a fixed battery gets discharged, you may need to wait hours before you can resume your journey. While here, you can always have a backup to rely on, thus saving you time.

Revolt RV400 Removable Battery: Fixed Battery Pack Vs Swappable Battery

Just as it goes for fixed batteries, the removable batteries hold some disadvantages too: 

  • Space Issues: Many believe that the setup of a removable battery may take up more space in the trunk. This can reduce the overall space that you may have for keeping your luggage. 

  • Design: A removable battery setup may tend to disrupt the overall design language of the vehicle. 

  • Theft Risk: If someone can break open the battery compartment, the batteries could be more prone to theft. 

The Perfect Battery For You

While many may argue on the ideal choice, no battery option can cater to all your needs. You need to compromise on one or the other point.
TVS iQube Fixed Battery: Fixed Battery Pack Vs Swappable Battery
If you are looking for day-to-day or regular tasks where the distance to be covered is less and longer downtime due to recharge can be accommodated, then you should go with fixed batteries. They will provide you with consistent and balanced performance throughout your journey.

However, if you're looking for a cost-effective option that is easy to maintain and charge, removable batteries could be the better fit. 

Vida V1 Pro Removable Battery: Fixed Battery Pack Vs Swappable Battery

The ultimate decision lies in your hands and is subject to your needs. To explore various electric bikes and know more about battery types and their effects, visit BikeDekho as your one-stop resource for all two-wheeler-related doubts and information.

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