Ola S1 Pro MoveOS 2.0 Released Today, New Features Explained

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The new OS has finally enabled the Ola companion app, and there are a few features that enhance the riding experience as well

Ola Electric has finally rolled out the MoveOS 2.0 software for all of its users, today. The OTA (Over The Air) software update has added several crucial features that make the overall riding experience a more wholesome affair. We explore the hits and misses of the new update:


As a part of the update, the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter finally gets its own companion app. This is compatible with both Android and Apple phones. It allows the rider to lock or unlock the scooter instead of having to rely on the instrument cluster. One can also access other information including the electric scooter’s estimated range in all riding modes, open or close the seat, and navigation as well. Do note that the navigation is a full-fledged one and not a turn-by-turn system. To ensure the navigation system works seamlessly, Ola Electric offers a free hardware upgrade that involves the installation of a GPS antenna onto the S1 Pro electric scooter. You can read more about it here.

Ola Electric has also introduced cruise control that lets the user set a particular speed and the scooter sustain the given speed without throttle input. It works well without issues, and can be useful while cruising on highways. That said, it works only in ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Hyper’ modes and not the ‘Eco’ mode. Speaking of Eco mode, this is a new addition with the MoveOS 2.0. Ola Electric claims a range of 164km in this mode.

The company has also introduced a Music function wherein users can play music via the companion app. The sound quality from the twin apron-mounted scooters is good, and at 50 per cent volume, it is loud enough for the user to enjoy the music but isn’t intrusive enough for other road users. That said, we’d still recommend not playing music while on the move as it is bound to be distracting. 


We got to test the Ola S1 Pro with the Move OS 2.0 installed, and we found the Ola companion app tends to be glitchy at times. When one uses the mobile app to login, the user will need the OTP received in the registered mobile number. So, if a scooter is used by multiple members of the family, each will have to ask for the OTP from the person whom the scooter is registered to. Do note that the login details of the previous user gets deleted and the app does not allow multiple users to be active at the same time. 

The navigation also tends to be glitchy as the auto-suggestion shows the incorrect destination, and the navigation fails to work at times as it throws up a “Server Unreachable” error. The music functionality will also have to be tweaked as the scooter starts playing the last played music while starting back up even if the user had paused the music before parking the scooter.

While Ola claims a 164km range in Eco mode, we were able to extract only around 136km. Moreover, the Eco mode is only usable post 25kmph as the initial acceleration is way too sluggish to be used in stop-go traffic. The top speed in this mode is restricted to 40kmph.

Additionally, several features that were promised before are yet to be added. The Moods functionality, which changes the theme and sound effect of the console according to the user hasn’t been added. The Hill-hold control feature is still missing and so is the voice assist function. 

While the updates definitely makes the e-scooter a lot more versatile, we hope the company soon releases a software patch that not only fixes the inconsistencies of the already existing features but also adds the features that have been left out.

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