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Ola MoveOS 4 Update Launched For S1 Pro, S1 Air And S1 X Range: Comes With Biometric Lock, Ola Maps And Much More

Modified On Jan 18, 2024 07:09 PM By Govind for Ola S1 Pro

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The update brings a LOT, everything from new features (even AI-based ones) to improvements over existing ones.

Ola Electric launched the full version of MoveOS 4 bringing new features and improvements on existing ones to its e-scooter lineup, the Ola S1 Pro, Ola S1 Air and the Ola S1X range. The update first came out as a Beta in 2023 and Ola conducted the beta testing with over 50,000 users before launching the final version.

According to Ola Electric, this new update has brought over 100+ features to their scooters and has improved many existing ones. With this update, there have been many changes. First of which is a redesigned user interface that has made frequently used features more accessible to the riders, with just one tap without having to leave the navigation screen.


Coming to navigation, now the scooters come with dedicated Ola Maps, which has also brought features like ‘Find My Scooter’ and ‘Share location from app’. Riders can also designate favorite locations and personalize their travel experience.

Ola has also brought some interesting features such as the introduction of AI-Based Indicator Control, this turns off the scooter’s indicators automatically minimizing the need for manual commands from the rider. The fact that the system is AI powered allows it to learn user preferences and personalizes the rider’s experience with more usage.

There’s also an introduction of new safety features and improvements on the existing ones. Coming to the new features, Ola has introduced AI powered tamper and fall alert. Then there’s the hill descent control feature, which keeps the scooter’s speed in check when going downhill and gives the rider a bit more control without having to continuously use the brakes. 

Other safety features include, geofencing and time fencing. Geofencing can be used to define specific boundaries within which the scooter can move and the time fencing offers a time-based system that lets a secondary user ride the scooter for a set period of time. 

Coming to the improvements on already existing features, Ola has now offered cruise control in eco mode, improved the hill hold feature and proximity unlock. There’s also a new biometric app lock that riders can use to unlock the phone through their smartphone and to make things easier Ola has given a new passcode recovery option that can be used to reset the passcode of a scooter through bluetooth or cloud. But even with all these new features that are supposed to enhance the scooter’s safety, nothing comes close to the practicality and ease of use that comes with a physical key.

Ola has also introduced ‘garage mode’ which allows riders to manage multiple scooters from the Ola app interface. The MoveOS 4 update also brings faster Hypercharging which is Ola’s term for fast charging. There’s also improvements made in regards to charging time predictions and regen.

The update has also brought  a new mood on the scooter called ‘Care Mood’, which shows riders how much money they have saved and the amount of carbon emissions that have been avoided. Another interesting functionality that has come to the scooter is concert mode which allows riders to both play a song and create a coordinated light show on multiple scooters. 

Lastly, Ola has brought a ride journal feature that displays stats such as average speed, battery use, money saved, distance covered and efficiency through the Ola Electric Smartphone App, which now gets dark mode as well. Riders also have the option to share milestones that they have covered in their riding journey. 

Ola S1 X range features explained

The MoveOS 4 update and the addition of so many features to the e-scooter lineup, Ola now has the most feature packed EV offerings in the market. We at BikeDekho hope that the features all work smoothly and Ola has made the necessary changes to ensure a smooth riding experience, as our previous experience with Ola e-scooters and their features wasn’t the best.

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