MY 2019 Piaggio Vespa And Aprilia Scooters Get Safer

Published On Apr 2, 2019 By Benjamin Noel Gracias for Aprilia SR 125

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New colours make the funky scooters more youth-friendly

MY 2019 Aprilia and Vespa Scooters

  • The larger Vespa VLX 150, SLX 150, Elegante 150, Aprilia SR 150 and SR 150 Race now get single-channel ABS.
  • The CBS-equipped Vespas command a premium of around Rs 1,600 while the ABS-equipped Vespas cost Rs 7,000 more.
  • For Aprilia, the SR 125cc CBS scooters cost Rs 2,800 more while 150cc ABS scooters are priced Rs 8,000 higher.

Piaggio has released a list of its MY 2019 Vespa and Aprilia scooters, that depending on the cubic capacity, now come equipped with either ABS or CBS. The CBS-equipped 125cc scooters command a premium of Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 while on larger ABS-equipped 150cc scooters, the price is Rs 7,000-10,000 higher over their older models. Interestingly, Piaggio will continue to sell non-ABS and non-CBS versions of the Vespa and Aprilia scooters alongside the updated ones. Piaggio can do this as the government allows bikemakers to sell off their existing inventory. So if you wish, you can buy a non-CBS/ABS Vespa or Aprilia scooter until stocks last. 

MY 2019 Aprilia and Vespa Scooters

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In the Vespa range, the base LX 125 scooter has been replaced with the ZX 125. The ZX 125, VLX 125 and SLX 125 get combined braking. Now, the three 150cc Vespas -- SLX 150, VLX 150 and VLX 150 Elegante -- come with single-channel ABS. The updated prices for the Vespa scooters are as follows. 

  Price ex-Pune Price hike
ZX 125 CBS  Rs 76,273  
VLX 125 CBS Rs 89,895 Rs 3,099
SLX 125 CBS Rs 93,192 Rs 1,642   
VLX 150 ABS  Rs 1,00,272    Rs 6,337  
SLX 150 ABS  Rs 1,04,318  Rs 6,350
VLX 150 Elegante ABS Rs 1,10,781   

The Aprilia SR 125 gets combined braking while the larger Aprilia 150cc scooters -- consisting of the SR 150, SR 150 Carbon with connectivity and SR 150 Race with connectivity -- get single-channel ABS. While the SR 150 gets a new red colour scheme, the base SR 150 Race misses out on ABS.  Here is the updated price list for the Aprilia scooters.

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MY 2019 Aprilia and Vespa Scooters

  Price ex-Pune Price hike
SR 125 CBS Rs 71,224  Rs 2,807
SR 150 ABS Rs 82,317  Rs 8,128
SR 150 Carbon Connectivity ABS Rs 83,894 Rs 8,007
SR 150 Race Connectivity ABS Rs 91,271  Rs 8,482

With Piaggio looking to clear existing stocks of non-ABS/CBS Vespa and Aprilia scooters, we can expect its dealerships to offer some interesting discounts and offers on these scooters in the near future. 

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