Hero Pleasure Plus 110: Review In 25 Images

Published On May 16, 2019 By Nabeel Khan for Hero Pleasure Plus

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  • Back in 2006, the Hero Pleasure was an immediate hit with female riders. But it has been 13 years with no major updates, and the Pleasure’s popularity has taken a hit. Hero now plans to revive things with the Pleasure Plus 110

  • Launched at Rs 47,300 for the steel wheel variant and Rs 49,300 for the alloy wheel option, the Pleasure+ is just Rs 2,200 more than the older variant. The highlight of the new scooter is the bigger and more powerful 110cc engine. 

  • From the front, the Pleasure now looks distinctly different from the older one. The apron now gets new indicators which are split by a panel with a brushed aluminium finish.  

  • The headlamp is now bigger and more rounded and helps the scooter look more retro. It gets the same brushed aluminium finish on the surrounds. It still houses a halogen bulb and an LED lamp would have surely jazzed things up more. 

  • All the panels on the scooter are now more rounded to help with the retro theme. And while the paint finish makes the panels look like metal, the body is still made of plastic.

  • The wheels (90/100 x 10) and brakes (130mm drum) are the same as before. They are still linked by the Integrated Braking System. 

  • From the side, the pleasure strikes a nice contrast with the black panels. The Pleasure now comes with seven colour options along with three matte finishes as well. We certainly liked this blue quite a lot.

  • The rear wheel is also the same 10-inch unit with 90/100 rubber. 

  • While the styling might feel a bit quirky to some, we feel that the scooter looks rather cute in person.

  • At the back, the Pleasure+ gets a slimmer tail lamp, which looks very neat. Again, what could have made it even better was an LED setup. 

  • The seat opener is placed just above the taillamps and gets a black surround to again highlight the paint scheme.

  • The instrument cluster has been updated but it is still a full analogue unit. The addition of a digital screen for the fuel gauge, odometer and tripmeter, like the one seen on other Hero scooters, would have made it look more premium.

  • The front box still exists for added utility but is now an open unit. It's useful in keeping small items and water bottles, and also mobile phones because…

  • It still retains the USB charger. But it is now placed at the bottom of the unit. This forces you to route the wire through the outside, which could become a hazard if it gets caught up with the rider's feet. 

  • Because it is 2019, we feel Hero should have added an integrated lock which can operate the boot from the ignition slot to add to the rider’s convenience. 

  • The seat is well padded and gets a dual texture to look stylish well. It gets narrow at the front so you have a better reach to the ground. 

  • The boot is a little small but on par with the rivals. It still retains the boot light which is a big convenience at night. 

  • The floorboard is low, but there isn't much space there. Luckily you get slots cut into the apron which allows you to stretch your feet a little. But taller riders might still have the handlebars rubbing their knees.

  • The bigger and more powerful 110.9cc engine borrowed from the Duet and the Maestro Edge makes 8.15PS of power and 8.7Nm of torque. Compared to before, these figures are 16 per cent (1.15PS) and 7 per cent (0.6Nm) more than the older engine, respectively. 

  • However, the Pleasure Plus still tips the scale at 101kg, which now makes it peppier to ride. The more powerful engine helps the new Pleasure pick up pace with less effort, both from a standstill and at speeds. The Pleasure now feels more responsive to throttle inputs.

  • The Pleasure+ is happy to ride at 50-60kmph all day with the motor running smoothly and stress-free. But go beyond this and the motor starts to feel a bit strained and minor vibrations can be felt on the floorboard.

  • Because the chassis of the Pleasure hasn't changed much, it feels very light while riding and this is really a blessing for newer or younger riders. 

  • The Pleasure+ is best ridden at reasonable city speeds. Even the 130mm brakes at both ends offer limited feel and you will have to squeeze them really hard if you want the scooter to stop quickly. 

  • Sharper bumps and potholes can be felt by the rider and tend to push you up the seat. You will have to reduce the pace quite a bit over bumps for a smoother ride.

  • If you are looking for an easy and nimble scooter for daily commuting, the Pleasure is now back in contention.
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