TVS Jupiter 125 vs Suzuki Access 125: Real-World Performance Comparison

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Let's find out if the new 124.8cc engine on the Jupiter 125 overpowers the 124cc unit on the Access

TVS recently expanded its Jupiter portfolio with the launch of the Jupiter 125. The family scooter is now powered by a 125cc engine, and has also received a few cosmetic updates. On the other hand, the Suzuki Access 125 has remained the same as before, and yet continues to lead the sales charts. So to find out which one of these two performs better?





TVS Jupiter 125

3.79 seconds

8.21 seconds

Suzuki Access 125

3.18 seconds

7.19 seconds

Powering the Jupiter 125 is a new 124.8cc engine that puts out 0.4PS less and 0.5Nm more as compared to the Access 125 that draws power from a 124cc motor. Meanwhile, the weight of the scooters also plays a crucial role. And as the Access 125 weighs 5kg lesser (103kg) compared to the Jupiter 125 (108kg), this lighter weight surely helps it get off the line faster.

Roll-on Acceleration:


Kick-down (20-50kmph)

TVS Jupiter 125

3.7 seconds

Suzuki Access 125

4.74 seconds

TVS Jupiter 125 Road Test Review: Photo Gallery

Surprisingly, with the Access 125 while the peak power and peak torque comes in late, still the scooter has managed to go faster from 20-50kmph as soon as you twist the throttle as compared to the Jupiter 125 which takes 1.04 seconds extra.

Fuel Efficiency:




TVS Jupiter 125



Suzuki Access 125



While both scooters have managed to deliver almost similar mileage figures, there's a twist in the plot here. The Jupiter 125 has delivered better mileage on the highway and less in the city, which is the complete opposite of the Access 125. Meanwhile, the Jupiter 125 also gets a slightly bigger fuel tank (5.1-litre) as compared to the 5-litre unit on the Access 125.




TVS Jupiter 125


Suzuki Access 125


TVS Jupiter 125 Road Test Review: Photo Gallery

Finally, the Jupiter 125 has won the braking test, that too by a substantial margin, despite being the heavier scooter. We also need to factor in the fact that both scooters come equipped with a disc/drum brake setup which is further complemented by a combi-braking system.

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