These Hero Electric Two-wheelers Look Awfully Similar To Honda’s Offerings

Published On Jun 3, 2020 05:44 PM By Jehan Adil Darukhanawala for Hero Electric Dash

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Honda has filed a case on Hero Electric for copying the design of the Dash from its Moove scooter sold in Thailand

It seems that Hero Electric is in troubled waters as it has been slapped with a case of a possible ‘infringement’ on the ‘registered design’ by Honda. The Japanese manufacturer is seeking to stop the production, sales as well as marketing of the Hero Electric Dash as it looks nearly identical to the scooter that it sells in Thailand: the Honda Moove. But it seems like that isn’t the only Honda product that Hero Electric has mimicked.

The Indian electric two-wheeler brand also sells the Optima. No prizes for guessing, the electric scooter looks very much like the Honda Activa i that the Japanese brand used to sell in India. Small differences like the shape of the turn indicators and the nose slats differentiate the two scooters. In fact, at Auto Expo 2020, Hero Electric had showcased the AE-75, which also apes the Activa i in design.

That’s not it, there’s more. Hero Electric’s upcoming motorcycle, the AE-47, shares a lot of design elements with the Honda CB300R. You will be hard pressed to make out the differences between the two motorcycles head on and from a slight distance.

These similarities between electric and ICE products do not end here but that is for another day. How Hero Electric manages to deal with this lawsuit remains to be seen as the Delhi High Court will convene in the coming days to hear out the two sides.

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