Suzuki Access 125 Vs TVS NTorq 125: Real-World Performance Comparison

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We pit India’s best selling 125cc scooter against the best 125cc scooter out there

Suzuki Access 125 Vs TVS NTorq 125

The Suzuki Access 125 has been the best selling scooter for a while now. Its conventional design with premium touches and smooth motor with strong performance have worked in its favour and helped it register strong sales despite newer 125cc scooters. Among them is the TVS NTorq 125 that impresses with its styling, features, handling and a powerful motor. Since the 125cc scooter brigade is all about performance and practicality, which one should you go for? We compare the two based on real-world performance numbers.

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Suzuki Access 125 Vs TVS NTorq 125



Suzuki Access 125

TVS NTorq 125


3.98 seconds

3.68 seconds


9.20 seconds

7.65 seconds

Compared to the NTorq 125, the Access 125 has a simpler 2-valve motor. It delivers 8.7PS@7000rpm and 10.2Nm@5000rpm. The Ntorq 125 gets a 3-valve motor, which helps it breathe better, and offers fantastic performance. Its motor delivers 9.4PS@7500rpm and 10.5Nm@5500rpm, making it one of the most powerful scooters out there. In fact, the Ntorq 125 is the quickest accelerating 125cc scooter after the Hero Maestro Edge 125 FI. 

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Suzuki Access 125 Vs TVS NTorq 125



Suzuki Access 125

TVS NTorq 125


4.65 seconds

4.65 seconds

This might come as a surprise given that the NTorq 125 is more powerful and accelerates quicker than the Access 125. However, the Access 125, at 102 kg, is the lightest 125cc scooter and a substantial 14.1kg less than the NTorq 125. So, the Suzuki offers good performance where it matters -- at city speeds. 

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Suzuki Access 125 Vs TVS NTorq 125



Suzuki Access 125

TVS NTorq 125




Both the Access 125 and Ntorq 125 get a front disc brake and rear drum brake. While the NTorq 125 could do with better brake feel, it has a progressive bite and under hard braking, comes to a stop without drama. The braking times are also helped with the NTorq’s wider tyres that offer a larger contact patch. 

Suzuki Access 125 Vs TVS NTorq 125

Fuel efficiency:


Suzuki Access 125

TVS NTorq 125







The Access 125 benefits from its lighter weight and torquey motor, which feels relaxed at city speeds. Its smaller 10-inch rear wheel is at somewhat of a disadvantage at highway speeds compared to the Ntorq 125’s 12-inch rear wheel. Overall, the Access 125 is the more fuel-efficient scooter here.

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