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Is QJ Motor’s SRK The New King Of Sub-400cc Nakeds?

Modified On Apr 16, 2023 10:16 AM By Manaal Mahatme for QJ Motor SRK 400

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We let our tested performance figures do the talking

The QJ Motor SRK 400 is the newest challenger to the KTM 390 Duke’s throne in the competitive 400cc naked motorcycle segment in India. But does this new Chinese bike stand a chance against the Austrian hooligan? We have tested both the motorcycles, and using our VBox-tested figures, help find the winner:


A 400cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin vs a 373cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine… it’s an easy win, right? After all, there’s no replacement for engine displacement. But there’s a caveat. 


QJ Motor SRK 400

KTM 390 Duke


2.89 seconds

2.98 seconds


4.44 seconds

4.55 seconds


6.73 seconds

6.83 seconds

30-70kmph (3rd gear)

4.23 seconds

3.78 seconds

40-80kmph (4th gear)

4.90 seconds

5.06 seconds


Yes, the SRK 400 pulls away easily from the KTM 390 Duke, however, in our in-gear acceleration runs, the Duke wins. That’s down to how these two bikes put down their performance. While the KTM feels eager from the get-go and feels even more aggressive after 6,000rpm, the SRK 400’s engine feels the most energetic between 8,000rpm to 10,000rpm.

It is very rare that you’ll find yourself that high on the rev-range when riding through the city. And even on the highway, this engine demands you to ride hard to extract the fun out of it. Also, the SRK 400 doesn’t have the refinement you’d expect from a parallel-twin engine. It feels buzzy at the footpegs, seat and handlebar almost through the rev range. But the vibes tone down as you build speed.


Petal discs – two up front, one at the rear on the SRK 400 vs single discs at both ends on the KTM 390 Duke – the QJ Motor bike should win this test, right? But it is not as straightforward.


QJ Motor SRK 400







The QJ Motor’s brakes doesn’t provide ample feedback at the lever and feel very wooden. Also, the levers require more pressure than you’d normally require on a bike like this. Further worsening the case for the SRK 400 is its intrusive ABS. It feels like the bike prefers playing it too safe which is something you probably won’t expect from a 400cc performance naked, and keeps you from pushing the bike to its limits.

Along with the brakes, another limitation is the suspension setup. The suspension is on the softer side, so it’s great in handling smaller potholes and undulations, but this is also what robs you of confidence during spirited riding. Because of the faster rebound rate and softer suspension setup, you don’t get the required feedback from the Maxxis tyres.  

Fuel Economy


QJ Motor SRK 400

KTM 390 Adventure

KTM RC 390

City FE




Highway FE




The QJ Motor SRK 400 drinks a lot of fuel, in the city and on the highway. Yes, it is a parallel-twin motor, but compared to the 390 Adventure and the RC 390, despite packing more power, are more fuel efficient than the SRK 400. 


The QJ Motor SRK 400 is priced at Rs 3,59,000 (ex-showroom India), which makes it Rs 60,000 more expensive than the KTM 390 Duke. Yes, it looks unique, has a parallel-twin engine and a superbike-like exhaust note. But is that enough to challenge the domination of the KTM 390 Duke? Well, for someone who is looking for accessible performance, sharper handling and better features, the 390 Duke is still the better pick. But for anyone who prefers a calmer motorcycle, with decent performance, and big bike-like exhaust note, the SRK 400 is not a bad option.

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