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Explore which sporty scooter packs the most punch and makes the most sense

Scooters are very wholesome, they are meant to appeal to most members of the family. But what if you want something youthful, something sporty that looks and rides with an attitude? Thankfully even simple 110cc scooters like the Hero Xoom and Honda Dio still offer a zing to brighten up your everyday commutes. Check out which one of these two make the most sense and offer the best value in 9 pics


The Honda Dio is the OG sporty scooter of India with a legacy that’s almost two decades old. In comparison, the Hero Xoom is the new kid on the block. This generation gap shines in the design department rather clearly. While the Dio is a handsome scooter, it feels dated. The Xoom on the other hand looks fresh and far more sportier than the Dio.


Both the Xoom and the Dio feature LED headlights. However, while the LED setup is offered as standard on the Xoom, only the ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Smart’ variants of the Dio get this feature, in its standard variant all you get is a basic halogen headlight. Also, let’s not forget the Xoom gets cornering lights, how cool is that!


Yet again, in this department, both scooters feature a digital instrument cluster. However, only the Xoom offers Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to get calls and SMS alerts. Sadly, there’s no turn-by-turn navigation though.


In this department matters become more interesting. See, while the Xoom gets useful features like an apron-mounted USB charger, the Honda Dio offers the convenience of a smart key (key fob) and a button operated external fuel filler cap.

Another point worth noting is that while the Honda Dio will start silently thanks to a ‘silent start-stop’ system, the Xoom’s i3S technology will help you extract better fuel efficiency on your daily commutes. We wish both scooters had these features, because it’s hard to choose one over the other.


The Xoom gets a 110.9cc motor and the Dio gets a 109.5cc unit, each churning out 8.1PS and 7.8PS respectively. In fact, the difference in torque isn’t much either, the Dio produces 9.03Nm and the Xoom 8.7Nm. That said, the smoothness and refinement of a Honda engine when compared to Hero’s refined yet gruffer output could be a deciding factor for you.


Both scooters get a telescopic front fork and a monoshock at the rear, not much of a difference there. Where you will find a difference, and a big one, is in the braking department. While both the Xoom and Dio are offered in three trims, only the former offers the option of a front disc brake in its top end variant. But yes, top end variants of both scooters will get you smart looking alloy wheels at least.


The Dio is available in multiple colours - five options in the ‘Standard’ trim, four in ‘Deluxe’ and three in ‘Smart’. Alternatively, the base variant of the Xoom gets just one colour option, the mid-trim gets three and the top trim gets four.


Dio Variants


Xoom Variants



Rs 70,211


Rs 69,099


Rs 74, 212


Rs 72,299


Rs 77, 712


Rs 77,199

*all prices are ex-showroom Delhi

Yes, the Honda Dio has a very reasonable price tag but the Hero’s pricing with the Xoom was spot on. While comparing the top-end variants of both scooters, which are evenly matched, the Xoom appears to offer more safety and convenience.  


Sure, Honda has periodically updated the Dio to keep the moniker alive but sadly it hasn’t done enough for the sporty scooter  and hence, that age has started to show on the Dio’s overall appeal. In comparison the Hero Xoom looks smart, has relevant features/hardware and most importantly is very competitively priced. 

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