Family Feud: Suzuki Access 125 BS6 vs Burgman Street

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Which of these two 125cc Suzuki scooters is a better buy for you?

Walking into a showroom can often be a confusing experience, with multiple vastly different models available in a similar price range. A Suzuki showroom, for example, will contain both its 125cc scooters - the Access 125 and the Burgman Street. The former has just been updated to comply with BS6 emission norms, receiving a couple of other updates in the process too. As a result, the top-of-the-line Special Edition Disc Brake variant is now priced at Rs 69,500, very close to the Rs 71,002 Burgman. So, which one should you pick if you’re in the market for a 125cc scooter?

Design & Dimensions

The two scooters are almost at opposite ends of the styling spectrum. While the Access harks back to the past and gives it a modern twist with its neo-retro design, the Burgman embraces the future with its fashion-forward maxi-scooter styling. Each design philosophy has its own individual appeal, so making a choice comes down to a matter of personal preference.

The Burgman with its meaty proportions, smart looking apron-mounted LED headlight and clear front screen is the more distinctive of the two and will turn more heads at traffic lights. That being said, the Special Edition of the Access with its tan brown seat, chocolate coloured interior panels and chrome touches does look rather, erm, special.

Both scooters have reasonably low seats which make it fairly easy to get your feet on the ground, but the Access’ sits 7mm lower than the Burgman’s 780mm unit. The latter is a bit more portly - 108kg compared to the Access’ 103kg - but this can be attributed to its 5.6L fuel tank, 0.6L larger than that on the Access.

On The Move

Considering that both these scooters share largely the same underpinnings, we don’t expect the riding experience to be too different. The 124cc motor is shared, but on the Access it is BS6-compliant and fuel-injected, which should theoretically result in crisper throttle response. Of course, we haven’t had a chance to ride this new Access, so we’ll have to reserve judgement for the moment. Even in carburetted form on the Burgman, the motor is a grunty but refined unit and it provides quite an enjoyable and entertaining riding experience.

Both scooters employ a conventional fork and monoshock, both of which are set up slightly on the stiffer side. While this does allow large bumps and sharper edges to filter through to the riders backside, the flip side of the coin is unflappable stability and composure. But one area where the Burgman ekes out an advantage is in the ergonomics department. With a roomier riding position and apron-mounted footboards, this is the more comfortable scooter of the two, especially over longer durations of time.


The Burgman also comes out on top when it comes to features. Yes, it is slightly more expensive than the Access, but for that premium, you get LED DRLs, an LED tail-lamp, fully digital instrumentation and a front glovebox, all of which the Access misses out on. Both scooters now get an LED headlight, and DC charging port, but quality and finish levels on the Burgman are higher, resulting in higher perceived value.


We don’t have anything against the Suzuki Access 125 - it is the brand’s best-selling product and we even declared it the winner in our recent 125cc scooter comparison. But at the end of the day, it has now remained largely unchanged since it was first launched, and we were expecting a comprehensive redesign and update for this BS6 version, which didn’t materialise.

The Burgman feels like a thoroughly modern and premium product - it is well designed, well built and well equipped. And since it is yet to receive its BS6 update, it’s only Rs 1,500 more expensive than the Access. This infinitesimal amount buys you a scooter that is better in pretty much every measurable way, and for that reason, it’s the winner of this comparison.

*all prices ex-showroom

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