Family Feud: Hero Maestro Edge 125 Vs Destini 125

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Both scooters are at par when it comes to power and features, but which one makes more sense? We get you the answer

Last year, Hero entered the 125cc scooter segment with the Destini 125. And now, it is one of the most popular scooters out there. However, the Indian two-wheeler manufacturer has added another 125cc scooter to its lineup, the Maestro Edge 125. So, we put both these scooters against each other to see which one makes more sense for you. 


Note: Hero has launched two variants of the Maestro Edge 125: FI and Carb. Hero’s i3S start-stop technology is only available in the carb variant. So, for this comparison, we have compared the carb variant of the Maestro Edge 125 with the VX variant of the Destini 125. 



When it comes to features, the Maestro Edge 125 and the Destini 125 are neck-to-neck. The two share features such as an external fuel cap, a USB port, boot lamp, a semi-digital instrument cluster and a 4-in-1 seat opening switch. Both scooters even come with Hero’s i3S engine start-stop technology. However, the only additional feature that the Maestro Edge 125 gets is an LED DRL. 


Being a sporty and youth-oriented scooter, the Maestro Edge 125 is available in six eye-catching paint options: Matt Blue, Matt Red, Matt Brown, Matt Vernier Grey, white/brown and red/black. The Destini 125 is positioned as a family-oriented scooter and gets a pretty basic colour palette, including red, black, bronze and white.



Here’s where things get interesting. Both scooters are powered by the same 124.6cc engine that produces 8.7PS of power and 10.2Nm of torque. However, you can also go for the FI variant of the Maestro Edge 125 that’s powered by the same engine but produces 9.24PS of power. By the way, the new Maestro Edge 125 is the first scooter in the country to get fuel injection. 




Maestro Edge 125

Destini 125




Front suspension

Telescopic fork

Telescopic fork

Rear suspension



Front brake



Rear brake



Front tyre

90/90 12-inches

90/100 10-inches

Rear tyre

90/100 10-inches

90/100 10-inches


When it comes to cycle parts, both scooters are almost identical. They feature the same frame and suspension setup as well. However, while the Destini 125 is only available with drum brakes, the Maestro Edge 125 gets the option of a disc brake at the front. In fact, the new Maestro Edge 125 is the first Hero scooter to offer a disc brake as an option. Like the standard Maestro Edge, the 125cc variant too gets a 12-inch wheel at the front. The Destini 125, on the other hand, features a smaller 10-inch wheel at the front. The larger wheel should enhance stability at higher speeds and makes the Maestro look more premium as well. 


Price War

Hero is known for its aggressive pricing strategy, making their two-wheelers quite hard to ignore. And at Rs 60,000 (i3S Disc), the Maestro Edge 125 is just Rs 2,070 more expensive than the Destini 125. The disc brake and larger 12-inch wheel makes the Maestro Edge 125 safer and more stable, which in our opinion is clearly worth the slight premium. 

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