Polarity S3K And E3K Electric Bicycles: Photo Gallery

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Check out the detailed images of the top-of-the-line models from the Pune-based startup 

Polarity Smart Bikes, a Pune-based startup, has launched six electric pedal-assisted bicycles in the country. These e-bicycles are categorised into two - Sport and Executive series - and the top-end models under these two families are the S3K and E3K respectively. The S3K is priced at Rs 1.1 lakh whereas the E3K costs Rs 1.05 lakh (both ex-showroom). We explain what these three e-bicycles are all about:

The S3K is the sportiest model among the brand’s lineup. It comes with sporty graphics which features the Indian tricolour. It also gets a short tyre hugger at the rear which accentuates the knobby rear tyre.

It features a full-colour TFT screen with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect the bike to your smartphone via an app and use it to view details like vehicle diagnostics, service logs, location tracking, and more.

The brand also offers a USB port as standard to charge your electronic devices.

The pedal assist function can be controlled via the buttons on the right switchgear. You can also turn off the motor using the power button. Additionally, the bicycle features a hazard lamp function too.

Polarity offers an adjustable inverted fork that can be fine-tuned to suit riders of different sizes.

The S3K, along with the rest of the lineup, features a single seat which is height-adjustable.

The rear features a monoshock with a screw-type preload adjustment. It isn’t covered and will be prone to dust and grime accumulation.

The S3K as well as the E3K come with an 80-volt lithium-ion battery and a 3-year warranty as standard. It takes four hours to charge using the standard charger and two hours using the fast charger which is sold as an optional accessory. The claimed range stands at 80km.

Apart from the pedals, the S3K e-bicycle is powered by a 3kW brushless DC motor which is capable of propelling the bicycle to speeds of up to 100kmph!

The E3K is essentially a more practical take on the S3K. It comes with a full-length fender at the rear with a carrier to secure small luggage.

All variants feature a full-LED lighting system which is more energy efficient than conventional bulbs.

The E3K also features a full-colour TFT screen with Bluetooth connectivity and offers the same functions as the S3K.

The E3K also gets an adjustable upside-down fork.

The switchgear quality feels a little crude, especially considering its Rs 1.05 lakh price tag. It does get a pass-beam switch though.

Braking responsibilities are handled by mechanical disc brakes on both ends across all variants.

The rear gas-charged monoshock is the same as the one in the S3K. Thanks to the full-length fender, the shock absorber is protected from dust and debris.

The E3K is powered by a slightly less powerful 2.5kW motor and the claimed top speed is also lower than the S3K at 80kmph.

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