Hero XPulse 200T: Colours To Choose From

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Tempted to buy the newly launched Hero XPulse 200T, but can’t decide which colour would suit you best? We’re here to help

Hero finally launched the highly-anticipated XPulse 200 (Fi - Rs 1.05 lakh, Carb - Rs 97,000) and XPulse 200T (Rs 94,000, both ex-showroom Delhi) a few days ago. If the visual cues aren’t enough for you to distinguish between the two, the XPulse 200 is an entry-level adventure motorcycle while with the 200T is more of a tourer. We’ve ridden both the bikes in Bengaluru recently, and here are our initial impressions -

Impressed? If it's the XPulse 200T you’re leaning towards, well, the company offers it in four colours - red, black, gold and grey. Confused as to what would suit you best? Here’s what we think of them and who they are suited for the most.

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Sports Red 

While it may not look..err… as..(e)xtreme as the XPulse 200, the 200T is no conventional looking motorcycle. If you’re someone who wants to showcase that, the red-painted fuel tank and front fender should do the job. Hero has also made sure to balance out the design by adding blacked-out elements to the wheel, seat and the entire rear section. 


Panther Black 

On the opposite side of things, if you want to go for a subdued look without attracting any attention, the black colour scheme would do just that. Not to mention, we think the bike’s retro elements are more enhanced with the all-black treatment, classic round headlamp and the golden-coloured exhaust pipe. The white ‘XPulse’ tagging on the fuel tank also adds to the contrast. 


Matte Shield Gold 

Probably the most unique colour here, or perhaps even among all two-wheelers in general. The matte gold colour scheme is perfect for someone looking for some bling. Although, it isn’t too shiny and looks quite subtle. It also helps that this colour will help in covering up the mud and dirt better than the others. 


Matte Grey 

Perhaps the safest colour option here, the grey is the perfect fit between too loud (red) and too subtle (black). However, buyers should note that matte colours tend to be prone to scratches and is more difficult to maintain than glossy colours. 

Here’s where we should mention that Hero doesn’t charge extra for any particular colour scheme.  


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