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Review: Motomax Shiner Spray and Insta Shine Sponge

Modified On Oct 30, 2018 By Tushar Kamath

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Motomax has introduced two new two-wheeler care products for some quick and easy aesthetic upkeep. We try them out and see how effective they are

Motomax Shiner

This spray on polish comes in handy for some quick detailing work over the weekend. I carried out the test during the monsoons i.e. the time of the year when your bike gets the dirtiest thanks to all the muck and dust that settles on it. The shiner can be used on any paintwork, plastic, rubber or metal surface.

The instructions for its usage are pretty straightforward:

  • First, wash the bike down and then wipe it clean to remove any moisture.
  • Spray the solution onto a clean soft cloth and apply it to the tank, panels, mudguards etc. Be sure to apply it in a uniform pattern to avoid any streak marks.
  • Once the polish has been applied, wait for a few minutes (about 10 minutes should do the trick) so that the coat can dry.
  • To finish simply buff clean the painted surfaces with a dry cloth and wipe off any residual polish.

The end result is quite good. The paint on my 6-year-old bike had aged quite badly after continuous exposure to harsh sunlight. The old Thunderbird’s black paint scheme had a green, crystalline tinge that was visible in the daytime. The shiner managed to get that unique gleam back, but it doesn’t really help in fixing any scratches. The Motomax Shiner is good value at Rs 125, considering that’s what an average mechanic would charge you for a one time touch up. The whole process should take around 30-45 minutes depending on the bike.

Assuming you use it bi-weekly, this spray should last you for 3-4 months easily. It’s handy for some quick do-it-yourself maintenance, but don’t expect a wax like sheen. The effect of this polish will fade in a few days.

Motomax Insta Shine

As the name suggests, this is for instant polish work and is useful when you’re short on time. It’s simply a polish soaked sponge that you can directly use on any plastic or painted surface. All you have to do is gently apply it where required and wipe off any excess polish with a dry cloth. Unlike the spray shiner, there’s no apply-dry-buff process, so you can effectively use it in the few minutes before leaving for work in the morning.

It’s a disposable sponge and can be used until all the polish has been used. It costs just Rs 20 and is useful for polishing hard to reach spots and bits like the wheels as well.

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