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Modified On Oct 30, 2018 By Arun Mohan Nadar for TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

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As an enthusiast, we are always curious how much power and torque a motorcycle delivers and what top speed can it attain. We are amazed by its aggressive acceleration and the technology of its electronic aids. But for a normal two-wheeler buyer, especially in our country the one figure that really matters the most is its mileage. We want a two-wheeler that can extract the maximum from every drop of fuel that it consumes so that the running cost is as low as possible. But squeezing the best mileage isn’t easy but here are few tips that will help you in reducing your monthly fuel consumption:

1. Regular Service:

Always service the two-wheeler on a timely basis and at intervals as recommended by the manufacturer at an authorised service centre. A bike or a scooter has to be at its mechanical best to deliver good fuel efficiency. So it is very important to service them properly so that they are their optimum best.  TVS Motors have among the best service intervals for two-wheelers and also have a wide service network and we will suggest that you stick to the company appointed service centres. Also at TVS centres genuine spare parts are used and good grade oil is used so that the vehicle is in prime shape. Make sure the chain and sprocket are in perfect condition and the chain isn’t loose as it will reduce efficiency. Lubricate and clean the chain at regular intervals so that frictional loses are reduced.

2. Easy Does It:

Be as gentle as possible on the throttle and open it in a linear manner. Don’t try to whack the throttle as more fuel is fed and consumption will increase. Also try to maintain a constant speed and don’t over stress the engine.  Maintaining the proper gear is also vital while extracting the best possible mileage. But don’t rush through the gears as it might make the engine knock and you may stall. TVS two-wheelers come with a power and eco-mode indicator this gives the rider an idea to maintain the proper speed to get the best mileage and also when to shift the gear and is a novel feature. Aerodynamics also play a vital role and use a full-face helmet, wear a jacket to reduce drag and don’t ride with your elbows arched outside like a motocross rider. Try to anticipate traffic so that you don’t have to brake too much and try to maintain momentum.

3. Tyre Pressure:

This one of the points that is easily missed by riders but plays a crucial role in the fuel efficiency of a two-wheeler by as high as 10 per cent. Always stick to manufacture stipulated tyre pressure that can be found in the owner’s manual and most tyres also have markings of the suggested pressure. Many of the TVS two-wheeler offering are equipped with tubeless tyres that lose pressure at a slower rate which means you won’t be stranded in an event of a puncture and are easier to fix too. An under inflated tyre has larger footprint which increases friction thereby reducing the mileage of your bike or scooter. So please make sure that you check the pressure figure ever two or three days as even a drop of few PSI pressure can affect the mileage figures. Also don’t over inflate the tyres as it will wear out your tyre faster while the ride quality will also be bumpy.

4. Switch it off:

If you are a city rider then traffic signals follow you like shadow. Most of the riders don’t switch off the engine thinking that a few seconds doesn’t matter, but they do. If you are waiting at a traffic signal for more than 10 second turn off the engine and many of the TVS motorcycles get an engine kill switch which makes the job easier.  Most people think that starting the engine consumes more power than letting the engine idle but that is incorrect. Almost every modern two-wheeler gets an electric start and just needs a push of a button to start, so next time you’re stuck at a red light please switch off the engine as every drop of fuel counts!

5. Weight check:

The lesser the weight, the less load the engine will have to undertake. So try to keep the weight in check by unnecessarily loading the two-wheeler with extra weight like saddle bags if you’re not out touring. Understandably riding with a pillion will reduce mileage and don’t try to squeeze in your third friend as it is illegal and will reduce the mileage drastically. Another important aspect is correction to tyre pressure if you’re riding with pillion and carrying extra load.

6. Let go of the clutch:

Use the clutch only for shifting the gear and not crawling in traffic. Most of the bikers ride the bike with half clutch in traffic and this increases the fuel consumption considerably. This can be avoided by riding in proper gear. Use the clutch prudently in traffic and try to keep your hands off it as unknowingly we try to hold them while braking and riding. Over-riding the clutch not only reduces the mileage of the motorcycle but also wears-off the clutch plate faster and it isn’t cheap to replace.

7. Fuel Check:

Adulterated fuel is among the major problems Indian motorists face. Try to fill fuel at trusted petrol stations, preferably company owned and company operated (COCO) so it reduces the possibility of contaminated fuel entering your engine. Adulterated fuel not only reduces mileage but also can damage your engine and fuelling system. Also try to fuel the two-wheeler in morning or late night as fuel expands in hot weather. This means at cooler temperature, fuel is much denser and you get “more fuel for your money”. So try to tank up in early morning or night, because as we said before every drop counts!

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