Republic Day Special: Royal Enfield’s Role in Enriching Patriotism

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India would be celebrating its 67th Republic day tomorrow with the prime event taking place at India Gate in New Delhi. On 26th January 1950, India emerged as a fully democratic country with its own constitution coming into existence. Keeping this in mind, the Indians rejoice each year on this day and celebrate the feeling of love and patriotism for their country.

To make the celebrations even more exciting, various people from the motorcycling fraternity indulge in activities that further boost the spirit of chauvinism. The main motorcycling event is held at India Gate by the army and armed forces personnel in which they showcase nail biting stunts and put some really appreciable tasks on display. The stunts are performed by various motorcycling groups such as Daredevils and Signal Corp Motorcyclists. These groups particularly ride on Royal Enfield Bullet 500 as the bike promises sheer strength and stability required to do the stunts. These groups make various formations on the motorcycle with the help of integrated frames and sometimes just with the support of human limbs.

Recently, the Swetha Ashwa team of the Indian Army made its entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for balancing 48 members on a single moving motorcycle. The team created a pyramid formation on a 500cc Royal Enfield motorcycle and displayed some of their signature stunts like scissors cross and parallel crossing. The group had prepared to perform on a 1.6km stretch and were unable to do it due to the limitation of the track.

Besides these stunts that are performed on the Raj Path, Royal Enfield also organises rallies and Republic day rides in different parts of the country to celebrate the day. Last year, the company organised a Republic day ride from Vashi to Panvel and back in Navi Mumbai. This year too, the company is organising many rides across the country in which the Royal Enfield owners are expected to take part actively like every time.


Team BikeDekho wishes a very Happy Republic Day to all its readers!

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