5 Basic Motorcycle Gears You must Wear on Every Ride

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With amazing kind of designs and various price tags, motorcycling gears today come styled in for various kinds of riders. They help in reducing fatigue and work as a concentration booster at times. And no matter what you think, the price is too high, it’s too hot to wear so much of stuff, or you are just getting late –none of these excuses are good enough to put your life at risk. Here’s everything you need to know about riding gears in one digestible package.

Motorcycle Helmet

A very defensive headgear used by the riders. Their foremost objective is to impart face guard and safeguard ride’s head. In many countries wearing helmets is obligatory. It shields you from the flying dirt, hails and rains. Helmets are proven to improve your chances of surviving any accident by 37 percent. This implies that for every 100 people killed because of not wearing helmets, 37 of them could have survived the accident if they wore helmets. With a label on the backside of helmet, we can account for the DOT standard which is universally accepted these days. They majorly have two layers; one hard layer and the other energy absorbing layer. The harder part during the crash helps to spread the impact over a larger area and gets deformed which helps in absorbing energy, such that a very less amount of it is transferred to the brain. These generally have a lifetime of five years because after that time, the glue which binds the layers begins to degrade, thus impairing the safety of the riders. These are also designed to destroy themselves in a crash in order to protect you. Throw them out after one crash.

Motorcycle Gloves

Another paramount gear after the headgear is the hand gear because hands are something which you can’t afford to mutilate in a crash. Leather gloves are the most typical gloves. They help in protecting the rider’s wrist during a ride, reduce gust while in a cold region and they are augmented with palms to protect you from scratches in case of an accident. Additionally, they have a retention strap that wraps around your wrist tightly and ensures that the gloves are in place for long rides. They sometimes have carbon panels for the finger joints and knuckles. Riding along in the windy regions makes your hand cold very quickly. A perfect fusion for your rides must be waterproof and insulated for any kinds of weather conditions. They should also be CE marked as far as standards are concerned. Well, if you want to retain control of the motorcycle that is the choice.

Motorcycle Jacket

To protect yourself from all kinds of burns–windburns, sunburns, exhaust burns, you always need a well-designed motorcycle jacket. A well-tailored jacket safeguards internal organs and prevents your bones from any bruises. Available in a variety of thicknesses, styles and prices, it is inevitable to invest in the best quality jacket. They should necessarily have armor. To protect your bones, jackets with chest and spinal armors are the best suited. They are well fitted with long sleeves and sometimes have ventilation that allows air to circulate through it, which is convenient for warm temperatures. They are CE rated.

Motorcycle Pants

To wear jeans is very fashionable though, but when it comes to riding a motorcycle, it is not a good option for sure. Although jeans offer effectively no resistance to scratches but they are always better than wearing shorts. For the highway rides, especially you need a pair of motorcycle pants. Jeans also have armors that are sturdy and fashionable. There are basically two types of pants-textile pants and leather pants. Textile pants are cheaper as compared to the leather ones. They even breathe well and are washable. Leather pants on the other hand, are durable and substantial. They are quite expensive but are very comfortable.

Motorcycle Boots

Boots are often ignored as a part of riding gears. Your foot is as important to you as your hands, so having the right pair of riding boots is inevitable. They manage the weight of the bike and the rider perfectly. They are also needed to protect your ankle from any strain or stretch. While some people would like to save money from not investing in motorcycle boots, but let me tell you, they offer the best protection and long-term comfort better than any of the solid work boots which on contrary provide just a little protection. They even provide sufficient warmth in cold climates. They should also fit well in addition to their ability of protecting your ankle with the ability to shift gears. The rubber based soles give a nice grip and they also have oil resistance. They may have load absorbers on the inside and outside of the ankles. The stiff soles prevent any kind of injuries caused by any strains or stress.

Riding a motorcycle is very obviously, chancy as compared to other vehicles which are equipped with numerous safety features such as seatbelts and airbags, etc. Wearing a good bit of protection is a lesson you should learn soon. Unfortunately, you might at some point of time bump into something. It is therefore, worthwhile to be protected. Stay safe out there.

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