Touring Tips: 10 Essential Things You Need For Your Solo Trip

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Planning to attempt your maiden solo travel? Some of these tips might just save your life

10 Essential Things You Need For Your Solo Trip

So you’ve mustered enough courage to venture on your first long-distance solo trip. Before you start, you need to accept the fact that our roads are filled with nasty surprises and unpleasant encounters, which is why we advise solo travel only when required. When you want to be a lone ranger, make sure to carry these essentials to keep your ride safe and comfortable -- some of these might even end up saving your life.:

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Hydration bladder

10 Essential Things You Need For Your Solo Trip

In a tropical country like ours, it is very important to stay hydrated. A hydration bladder is a water pouch with an attached pipe. It sits inside your backpack and the pipe can be routed close to your mouth. A hydration bladder allows you to hydrate without the need to stop frequently as you would if you were carrying a water bottle. A hydration bladder or a hydration backpack is available at sports stores such as Decathlon. Prices start at Rs 400. 


First aid kit 

10 Essential Things You Need For Your Solo Trip

A first aid kit might not just come in handy for yourself but also another injured passerby. A basic first aid kit should contain antiseptic cream, disinfectant, bandages, pain killers, cold and allergy medicines. You can prepare a kit at home or pick up a ready set from your local chemist. Prices start at Rs 400 and may increase depending on the medicines you need. Make sure to check for any expired medicine and replace them before every ride. 

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ICE tags

10 Essential Things You Need For Your Solo Trip

An (In Case of Emergency) ICE tag comes in the form of a bracelet or chain tag. It contains your medical information such as blood group, allergies, and an emergency contact number in case of an accident. The idea is that the first responders who attend to you have access to your medical data and can start treatment right away. Personalised ICE tags are available on Amazon for Rs 500 onwards.


Personal tracker

10 Essential Things You Need For Your Solo Trip

A personal tracker is a GPS device that notifies your loved ones of your location even in places where there is no network coverage. Some trackers even allow you to send precoded messages or an SOS signal in case of an emergency. If you are sure you will be in network coverage all the time, you can simply share your live location on WhatsApp. 

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GPS navigation

Like the tracker, a GPS navigation unit relies on satellites to give you accurate direction even in remote areas with low to no coverage. These are expensive with prices starting from Rs 6,000. An affordable alternative is Google Maps on your phone. You can mount your phone on the handlebar using a sturdy mount. Keep in mind though that the navigation app will drain out your phone battery faster. 


Onboard USB charger

An onboard USB charger draws power from your motorcycle’s battery and charges your phone on the move. High-end USB chargers offer a quicker rate of charge and come with a waterproof flap as well as a fuse to prevent short circuits. Prices start at Rs 1,200. Another option is a powerbank. Opt for one with a charge capacity of 10,000mAh or higher as it allows for multiple charges. 

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Bluetooth headset

10 Essential Things You Need For Your Solo Trip

A Bluetooth headset fits inside the recesses of your helmet and most have buttons on the outside to receive calls on the move. These are better than wired or Bluetooth earphones as they do not hurt your ears with the helmet on. A good Bluetooth headset offers up to eight hours of standby time which is more than enough for a day’s ride. Prices start Rs 2,000 onwards. 


Bike tool kit

It is a good practice to know key mechanical repairs and carry a tool kit with your bike. So you can carry out simple repairs instead of being stranded because of a minor fault. Carry basic tools as well as motorcycle fuses. You can check with your mechanic to find out what tools are needed. 


Tyre puncture repair kit

If your motorcycle has tubeless tyres, invest in a puncture repair kit. These take up very less real estate in your bike’s luggage compartment and are also easy to use. A repair kit will save you in those random flat tyre situations. Also, carry a foot pump or invest in a portable air compressor that runs off your motorcycle battery. 


Spare key

This might seem basic but imagine misplacing your key in the middle of nowhere. Having a spare key will prevent that heartache. 

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