Revolt RV400: Pros, Cons And Should You Buy It?

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Revolt RV400 is all about offering a different take on your regular motorcycling experience. Firstly, it is electric, offering you a new riding experience. And more importantly, the price for the RV400 is radically new. We have ridden the bike, explained the pricing plan in detail and also elaborated on all of the artificial intelligence features that this connected bike to offer. So, what are the pros and cons of going green?


A light kerb weight of 108kg kerb makes maneuvering in city an effortless affair.

Light, compact and nimble are one of the few words that you can use to describe the RV400. The heaviest component on the bike is the battery which weighs 19kg. Revolt has designed the bike in such a way that the location of the battery is exactly where the bike’s center of gravity should be. This makes it easy for the rider to stay in firm control of the bike.

At 220mm, the ground clearance is as much as the Hero XPulse 200!

The packaging of the RV400 is extremely commendable. Not only is the seat height of 815mm accessible to riders of all heights, the ground clearance of 220mm is also quite high. This should mean you will be able to cross over the nastiest of speed humps.


Affordable financing scheme which is unlike anything on offer so far.

Taking inspiration from Apple’s revolutionary contract-based scheme for the iPhones in USA, Revolt introduced a unique pricing strategy for the RV400. For a period of 37 months, you would have to pay Rs 3,499 per month for the base version and for the premium variant, you have to pay Rs 3,999 every month. To know better about this plan, read our pricing strategy analysis here


Throttle feels a bit jerky, especially in Sport mode.

Unlike an ICE vehicle, electric vehicles are able to put down all of its torque right from zero rpm. Hence, throttle sensitivity is the key to fine tuning the way in which the power is delivered. While we didn’t find it troublesome in Eco and Normal modes, the jerkiness experienced in Sport mode could be a bit too sharp.


Availability is restricted only to a few cities to start with.

Revolt does have a grand expansion plan in place but currently it is starting off operations in only Delhi-NCR and Pune, the latter being fully operational soon enough. In case you were tempted in buying a Revolt for yourself, you would have to wait for the electric bike maker to set up shop in your city. Click here to find out where the nearest Revolt Hub (that’s what Revolt is calling its dealerships) is.

Quality of certain plastic parts feel flimsy.

It is no secret that the Revolt RV400 has Chinese origins. While it feels solidly put together, the plastics used are a bit of the cheaper kind. The panels feel flimsy. And since there is no protection for the parts, the fairing could get damaged easily in case of a small spill.

Should You Buy It: Yes

Not only should you buy the Revolt RV400 because you want to take advantage of being an early adopter of electric vehicles but also because it is a fun alternative for the commuter motorcycle. Plus, it offers a ton of connected features and premium components that your run-of-the-mill 125cc simply do not offer. Lastly, you just need to pay a maximum of Rs 3,999 per month to own the RV400. Need we say more?

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