Jawa And Yezdi Bikes With OBD 2 Compliance And Performance Updates Launched

Modified On May 4, 2023 11:39 AM By Nishaad Joshi

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A cleaner engine, better refinement and rideability are some of the changes they get

Jawa and Yezdi have given their bikes a slew of updates. Along with the compliance of the new BS6 Phase 2 (OBD-2) emission standards, both manufacturers have also made a bunch of other updates for the bikes. 

As for Jawa bikes, the 42, 42 Bobber, and Perak are the ones to benefit from these updates. Jawa claims that engine components have been reworked to reduce noise and vibration. Other changes include revised fuel mapping, a larger throttle body and exhaust port, all of which should ideally result in gruntier performance, not to mention better rideability at all speeds. That said, the output figures are the same as before.

Lastly, the Jawa 42 benefits from a slip and assist clutch and gets a new silencer. The former should help in easy lever action and will also prevent the rear wheel from locking up under hard downshifts, whereas the latter is claimed to enhance the bike’s exhaust note.

The Yezdi series, which comprises the Roadster, Scrambler, and Adventure, has received similar updates in order to enhance NVH, an aspect that definitely needed to be worked on. One final thing to be found on all three is a larger rear sprocket, that ideally should improve low-end performance and tractability. 

So if these things have gotten you interested, here’s how much all the mentioned bikes cost now: 


Price (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Jawa 42 Dual Channel (Orion Red, Sirius White ) 

Rs 1,96,142

Jawa 42 Dual Channel (Allstar Black) 

Rs 1,97,142

Jawa 42 Bobber (Mystic Copper) 

Rs 2,12,500

Jawa 42 Bobber (Moonstone White) 

Rs 2,13,500

Jawa 42 Bobber (Jasper Red) 

Rs 2,15,187

Jawa Perak 

Rs 2,13,187

Yezdi Scrambler (Fire Orange)

Rs 2,09,900

Yezdi Scrambler (Bold Black, Yelling Yellow, Outlaw Olive)

Rs 2,11,900

Yezdi Roadster (Smoke Grey, Inferno Red, Glacial White)

Rs 2,06,142

Yezdi Roadster (Crimson Dual Tone) 

Rs 2,08,829

Yezdi Adventure (Slick Silver) 

Rs 2,15,900

Yezdi Adventure (Mambo Black) 

Rs 2,19,900

Yezdi Adventure (Whiteout) 

Rs 2,19,942

None of the bikes carry a price hike of more than two percent, something that isn’t unreasonable considering the hardware updates they get. As for the better-rideability bits, that is something we can comment on only when we ride the bikes.

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