2019 Suzuki Gixxer vs Honda CB Hornet 160R: Real-world Performance Comparison

Published On Aug 16, 2019 By Gaurav Sadanand for Suzuki Gixxer

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The 2019 Suzuki Gixxer goes up against one of the veterans in the segment, the Honda CB Hornet 160R. Here’s how they stack up in the real world.

Suzuki recently launched the 2019 Gixxer 150 in India with an all-new look and a host of features. Unfortunately, the engine remains pretty much the same aside from the inclusion of fuel-injection which makes the bike BS6-ready. On top of this, at 140kg, the 2019 Gixxer weighs 4kg more than the outgoing model. To find out how these changes affect the bike’s performance in the real world, we pit it against one of the veterans in the segment, the Honda CB Hornet 160R. And here’s what the numbers had to say. 

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2019 Suzuki Gixxer

Honda CB Hornet 160R


5.53 seconds

5.08 seconds


20.10 seconds

15.99 seconds

The Honda CB Hornet 160R weighs the exact same as the new Gixxer at 140kg; however, it packs a slightly bigger 162.71cc motor with more power on tap. And the result is pretty evident. The Hornet is marginally quicker to get off the line compared to the Gixxer and a massive 4.11 seconds faster from the 0-100kmph run.     

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2019 Suzuki Gixxer

Honda CB Hornet 160R


6.94 seconds

6.68 seconds


6.87 seconds

8.23 seconds

In case of quick overtakes, it's the Hornet 160R that comes out on top, at least while rolling on from 30-70kmph. That said, the Gixxer with its meaty midrange manages to shave 1.36 seconds off the Hornet’s time while gunning it from 40-80kmph. This should be quite helpful during quick overtakes out on the highway.



2019 Suzuki Gixxer

Honda CB Hornet 160R







To be fair, we tested the CBS version of the Hornet 160R, while the 2019 Gixxer comes equipped with single-channel ABS as standard. As a result, the Gixxer drops the anchor a lot quicker than the Hornet 160R despite being tested in the wet. To put things into perspective, it stopped from 80-0kmph almost 5 metres before the Hornet 160R. Same was the case with the 60-0kmph braking distance, where the Gixxer came to a dead halt 3.05 metres before the Hornet 160R. We believe the Hornet would have chalked better numbers if it was equipped with ABS. 



2019 Suzuki Gixxer

Honda CB Hornet 160R







Coming to the question on every Indian’s mind, kitna deti hai? The Suzuki Gixxer, thanks to the addition of fuel-injection, offers better fuel efficiency within city limits. Out on the highway though, it's the Hornet that takes the cake. But if were to choose a bike considering its overall fuel efficiency, it would have to be the baby Gixxer, which offers 50.14km to a litre. 

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