2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 vs KTM 250 Duke: Performance Numbers Comparison

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Have a look at how these two value-for-money performance bikes perform in the real world

The 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 comes with a host of changes to make it even more powerful and relevant in today’s highly competitive performance motorcycle segment. Priced at Rs 1.73 lakh  (ex-showroom Delhi), the Dominar is about Rs 20,000 less expensive than the KTM 250 Duke despite packing a more powerful engine. We’ve tested both the bikes extensively in real-world conditions and here’s how they differ from each other:



2019 Bajaj Dominar 400

KTM 250 Duke


3.0 seconds

3.51 seconds


7.38 seconds

8.49 seconds

Kerb weight



The 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 trumps the KTM 250 Duke because of its sheer power. There’s no replacement for displacement as the Dominar has a 123cc bigger advantage over the Duke. it, makes 10PS and 11Nm more than the Duke’s 250cc engine. So despite weighing 20kg more than the KTM, it has extra power to compensate for the extra weight. However, the KTM 250 Duke isn’t all that far behind thanks to the fact that it is 18kg lighter.



2019 Bajaj Dominar 400

KTM 250 Duke

30-70kmph in 3rd gear

3.73 seconds

4.35 seconds

40-80kmph in 4th gear

4.70 seconds

6.09 seconds

Roll-on figures indicate how strong a bike’s mid-range power delivery is. A stronger mid-range allows the rider to have greater flexibility to use one particular gear for a range of speeds without stressing the engine too much. From 30-70kmph in third gear, the KTM 250 Duke is just 0.62 seconds behind the Dominar 400, pointing to the fact that the Austrian hooligan has a strong powerband at city speeds. 

However, the gap widens considerably in fourth gear, with the Duke trailing 1.39 seconds behind the Dominar. So out on the highway, the Dominar would be a superior motorcycle as it can overtake quicker than the Duke.



2019 Bajaj Dominar 400

KTM 250 Duke (non-ABS variant tested)







The Dominar is superior in terms of braking too as it is equipped with a large 320mm front and 230mm rear disc with dual-channel ABS as standard. The power cruiser features larger brake as there is a lot more mass (184kg kerb) to bring to a halt. That said, the braking distances are quite impressive when compared to the Duke’s despite not having sintered pads. 

On the other hand, the KTM employs a front disc that’s 20mm smaller while the rear unit is of the same size as the Dominar’s. While we tested the non-ABS variant, we do hope that the dual-channel ABS version will be on par with the Dominar’s braking distances.

Fuel Efficiency:


2019 Bajaj Dominar 400

KTM 250 Duke







When it comes to city efficiency, the KTM 250 Duke is far more efficient than the Dominar because of its smaller engine. So if you’re riding primarily in the city, the Duke is a good proposition. What’s more, it is also efficient enough on the highways, which means your weekend rides will be easy on the pocket too. 

The Dominar 400 does take a hit in city efficiency but being a highway-focussed motorcycle, it offers good mileage out on open roads for a motorcycle of its category. 


Going solely by the numbers, the Bajaj Dominar 400 is a better bet if you’re in the market for an all-round motorcycle. However, its heft and fuel efficiency may not be alluring to a few riders. So, if your riding habits are restricted to city limits and a bit of weekend jaunts on the highway, the 250 Duke should suffice. That said, the Dominar offers incredible value for money, which is almost convincing enough to overlook some of its flaws.

[Update: Bajaj Dominar 400 Price Hiked Again]

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