Top 5 Highways for your ‘Road Trip’

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Road Trips mean never ending fun with your group of friends. It is the ultimate time engaging activity one can have. Treading the roads fully covered in ice & sand, surrounded by mountains & dunes, filled with adventure & fun, staying in camps & hotels, is just like a dream come true for any bike lover. Going thousands of kilometers with backpacks and having your mates follow you is like a team game, in which you are not worried about winning or losing. In fact, you are only focused on your destination that you need to hit. Here are the top five highways, which can be a part of your next road trip.

1)Manali to Leh

Top Highways to Road Trip

Planning for a long holiday is always an adventure, if the journey has to be covered on a two wheeler. Manali to Leh is a dream road for the bikers and is visited by the enthusiasts half of the year. Covering the thrill of riding thousands of feet above sea level, touching the corners of deep valleys with rivers flowing by your side is anytime a treat for the heart and soul. The highway covers a distance of 479 kms, which takes 2 days to cover and one stop for rest and refreshment. Trips on the most visited Manali-Leh highway can be planned during summers as snowfall blocks the high passes during winters. Most of the bikers start the trip to Leh from Delhi to live the moment a bit longer. Food joints can be found on the route to have a little refreshment and break from the tiring yet thrilling journey.

2) Mumbai to Pune Expressway

Mumbai Pune Expressway

Having a weekend getaway out of your residing town can be the quickest planned event anybody can have and that’s what Mumbai -Pune highway is all about. Weekend in Pune can give you peace-of-mind after a long, hectic week in the Mumbai office. However, Mumbai-Pune is only 94.5 kms but the smoothness and scenic view en route ensures that you stay relaxed, excited, chilled out and enjoy the nature at its best. Best time to hit the roads is monsoon as it beautifies the view of mountains. Another plus point of the road trip on Mumbai-Pune expressway are the tunnels, bike is best vehicle to experience these dark tunnels and drizzle falling from the sky.

3) Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Feel of desert is incomprible and roads through thar desert are untouched. Considered as golden heaven, thar desert gives a splendid view of sand dunes. An ultimate test of a biker is checked on these roads covering most of the Rajasthan. Generally, bikers start from New Delhi and mark their first stop at Jaipur. After that the land of desert starts and places like Mandawa, Bikaner and the journey to the destination Jaisalmer is covered. Riding on the highways of Rajasthan is a treat as the journey is full of ups and downs, which includes the heritage, local villages, desert camps, campfires followed by gala dinner at the center of the Thar Desert. While travelling, the things to be taken care of are the cattles crossing the road, kids in villages running and playing on the highways and dust in the air. Before starting the journey on the highway be particular about the air pressure of your tyres and overall service of the bike. If you're planning on riding in summers always carry as much water as you can because of the steamy hot weather of Rajasthan. Best time to plan for trips on such long tracks is in winter, which starts from November to February. Now as the single roads are turned into 2 lane highways, it’s a lot easier to speed up the vehicle and rush to the destination.

4) Delhi to Agra via Yamuna Expressway

Yamuna Expressway

The Yamuna expressway is considered the best road in the country and a must-to-cover route for bike enthusiasts. The 165 km long road of Yamuna expressway can be covered in 2 hours via car and now one can estimate the time taken by two wheeled machine, depending on the power its engine produces. To make the journey tolerable, carry eatables along, as the Yamuna expressway does not have any ‘dhabas’ ( roadside food joints). But if your prefer to stop in between you should take the old highway via Palwal. Yamuna expressway is a 6 lane highway (extendable to 8 lane)

5) Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa expressway

Goa, as we all know, is famous for its party culture, beautiful beaches, beach side sit-outs and heritage. Travelers visit Goa throughout the year to spend a weekend or a long planned trips. Mumbai is the nearest hotspot of Goa, which is very well connected by a beautiful road that moves through forests giving a marvelous view. Reaching Goa through Mumbai is not a big deal as leaving early from the city will help you reach the party spot before dusk. To keep your stomach satisfied, there are several food joints along the drive which provides varieties of cuisines before you reach the destination. Mumbai to Goa highway is a highway, smooth as cream & butter and is also called  "Father of Indian road trips". The ride towards the sun will inspire you and force you accelerate your machine for the upcoming fun you are going to have.

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