10 Reasons Why Biking is More Exciting Than it Sounds

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Motorcycle, it is not just a machine that moves your body, but it is a soul mover and much more than you can imagine. And that can be understood only after riding one. The freedom, the feel of riding a motorcycle is just unmeasurable and unexplainable in words, however, we will try our best to express it. Besides the feel and the fun factor, there are some other advantage of motorcycles as well that makes them a better option of conveyance as compared to many other vehicles. So, If you haven't started motorcycling yet, we hope you will do after reading these 10 reasons to be a motorcycle rider.

10) Ease of Commuting and Parking: Generally, motorcycles come in a very compact package as compared to the other motored passenger vehicles like cars. So, commuting becomes much easier and faster as they can pass through narrow spaces in traffic. Also, you don't need a big parking space for a motorcycle and the procedure is easier as well.

9) Earth Friendly: If we talk about the fuel consumption and emission level, a common motorcycle has much lower figures when compared to a four-wheeler.

8) Pocket-Friendly: It could be an entry-level or a performance segment, motorcycles always cost lesser than cars. Also, maintenance and fuel expenses on a motorcycle are lower.


7) Community: Riders is not just a term to define a group, but it is a community that connects to every rider and motorcycling is the only way to join it. It teaches you how to ride with people even when you don't know them.

6) Individuality: On the other hand it also gives you an individual identity of a biker and, believe me, you just feel awesome with it. 

5) Less Complicated: Motorcycles are commonly less complicated when compared to many other existing motored vehicles. Talk about controlling, maintenance or repairing, they are much easier to work on.

4) Freedom: What is freedom? It's a feeling that comes from inside when you are enjoying the life without worries and other strings. And believe me, motorcycling is the easiest and instant way to get that feel.

3) Adventure: Riding a motorcycle is an adventure in itself, however, there is more to tell. A two-wheeled machine can take you to the places where no other vehicles can reach, so you can explore the places that you ever wanted to.

2) Faster: If we talk about any particular segment, a motorcycle generally accelerates faster than a car. That means you can do better sprints and reach to your destination faster thru busy roads.

1) Coolest Thing on The Planet: No doubt, motorcycles are the coolest thing on this planet and I'm not saying it just because I ride them. Motorcycles fascinate almost everyone and girls too like then a lot.

We believe that, these reasons are enough to be a motorcycle rider and you are surely gonna sit on a two-wheeled machine after reading them.

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