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Get all the updates and information about the latest arrivals in the bike markets of India in our latest bike section. Know everything about the latest bikes in India, be it their prices, models, features, dimensions, colors, engineering, mileage and performance, etc

New Bikes in India

Looking for some on-road thrill? You know what you need – a spanking new bike! And if that is what you seek, you have come to the right place. Welcome to, the one-stop destination for answering all your queries and questions regarding motorcycles. As you explore the site, you will come across all the tools and techniques that you would require to find yourself the perfect partner for a fun ride. You can start by taking a look around our New Bike section that would familiarize you with the entire line-up of new bikes in India launched over the past few months. It will also provide you with a basic overview for each new bike along with its latest pictures and specifications so that you can pick your out of the newest stock in the market. But if you think that you are strong enough to resist that fascinating fleet of shining new entries, and wait instead for something even better to arrive, you can move on and check out the segment for the upcoming bikes and see if something in there suits your liking better. Besides these glimpses into the present newbies and future entrants, here we also provide our visitors with a series of other sections where they can get complete and detailed information about motorbikes through the bike expert reviews, road tests done by our experts, 360 views, user reviews, pictures and even videos displayed there. Now, after going through all that stuff, we are sure that it would just be impossible for you to hand-pick any one out of the amazing entries that keep on coming in each day, so you don't have to get worried if you are stuck between 2 or more options. All you need to do is step forward to our compare bikes segment, where you will find a comprehensive comparison tool that would help you make the perfect choice for you motorcycle. Once you are through with the selection process and if you wish to purchase your motorbike online via BikeDekho, a bike expert will contact you quickly giving you all the information you need to buy a new bike. We will get you in touch with our preferred bike dealer and your VIP dealer representative will work with you to find your vehicle and negotiate a best new bike price to suit your preferences. Apart from this, we also provide our visitors with great deals on new bike loan and bike insurance. So, we hope that you would be able to find the bike of dreams here! Happy biking!