This Hayabusa Can Clock A Top Speed Of Over 400kmph

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  • It is road-legal!
  • Powering the bike is a 1547cc engine with a drag racing setup.
  • The bike is limited to 671PS of power in real-world conditions.

Even after so many years, the Suzuki Hayabusa continues to be one of the fastest motorcycles to be ever sold. But that wasn't enough for the folks at UK-based Big CC Racing, who decided to take things up a notch… or rather, several notches. The result is a turbocharged Busa making a stomach-churning 1000PS (dyno-tested) of power, which can achieve an earth-shattering speed of 436kmph! 

No, we aren't kidding. Powering this souped-up Hayabusa is a massive 1547cc inline-4 engine, with drag racing setup. While it does reportedly make 1000PS on the dyno, the power is restricted to 670PS to make it more...errr....rideable. The bike also comes fitted with a silenced road exhaust and a variable boost controller, to, believe it or not, make it road-legal.

Initially named 'Project Pisstake' (no, really) the engine was developed for a giant chopper. However, the interested customer backed out and Phil Wood of Big CC bought back the engine, slapped on a road-legal silencer, some lights and horns and started running tests on the big Busa. As one can guess, some alterations were required. This came in the form of an 8-inch wide rear wheel, made out of two Busa rims, just to hold the 240-section rear tyre. The frame was also altered to allow the straight chain to run to the wider tyre, and a high-strength rear swingarm was attached to deal with the mental amounts of power going to the rear wheel.

The outcome of this was a road-legal Hayabusa which clocked 258.54mph (436kmph) in just 250 metres (quarter mile)! Mind you, the brave souls at Big CC Racing did this without any traction control or wheelie control. Now, if Doc Brown ever needed a motorcycle to travel ahead in time, he’d know where to look.

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