Hero XPulse 200 And 200T: Same Price, Other Options

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The XPulse 200 is Hero MotoCorp’s newest offering in the Indian motorcycle market, but what else could you buy for around the same price?

Hero MotoCorp has finally launched its much-anticipated XPulse 200 and XPulse 200T. The XPulse 200 is offered in two variants: carb priced at Rs 97,000, while the fuel-injected variant will set you back by Rs 1.05 lakh. At this pricing, it becomes the most affordable ADV in the country, a position formerly occupied by the Royal Enfield Himalayan. The bike offers proper long-travel suspension, a raised front beak, windscreen, sump guard, knuckle guards and a high-mounted exhaust for better water wading capabilities. The road-biased XPulse 200T retails at Rs 94,000 (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi) and comes equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels. Both the bikes feature an all-digital instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity. A promising proposition indeed! 

However, if the newly launched XPulse 200 still doesn't catch your fancy, you could have a look at the below-mentioned options that make a compelling case for themselves around the same price tag.


Honda CB Hornet 160R ABS DLX: Rs 94,608

If you’re on the lookout for a sporty commuter with muscular styling, the CB Hornet 160R would be the perfect bike for you. The motorcycle with its chiselled bodywork and funky graphics is quite popular among the masses. On the feature front, the CB Hornet offers LED lights at the front and back, a full-digital instrument console and petal discs with single-channel ABS in the top-spec model. Honda has also equipped the bike with a nifty hazard switch (a segment first), just in case things go south at night. In terms of ergonomics, there’s a slight lean towards the handlebars while the footpegs are somewhat rearset, which translate to a sportier ride. In comparison, the XPulse features tall handlebars and mid-set footpegs that offer an upright riding posture. Besides this, the 162.71cc motor powering the CB Hornet provides just enough grunt to make quick overtakes easy both in city traffic and out on the highways. 


Yamaha FZS-FI: Rs 97,680

The brawny FZS-FI could be yet another option in the sporty commuter segment. It gets an all-new look for 2019 and features a new LED headlight, a new instrument console and single-channel ABS for more efficient braking. The Yamaha FZ was also one of the first bikes to come equipped with fat radial tyres for better stability. At 137kg, the bike weighs a lot less as compared to the XPulse 200 (154kg) and 200T (150kg), which means it will be easier to move around in the parking lot. The FZS-FI also has a short seat height of 790mm, which should be a boon for the vertically challenged. Though the bike makes less power compared to the XPulse, Yamaha says the engine has been retuned for better low-end performance which should help in city traffic and quick overtakes.


Suzuki Gixxer SF-Fi: 1.01 lakh

Let’s say you aren’t entirely convinced with the thought of buying a naked streetfighter, and desire a bit more oomph. You could consider the Suzuki Gixxer SF-Fi in that case. Simply put, it will take care of both your daily commutes and weekend rides without breaking a sweat. Also, a full fairing means you’ll have to deal with fewer wind blasts on the highways, while its slightly higher-set clip-on handlebars and rearset footpegs will make sure your back isn’t too strained. Apart from this, the bike offers a digital instrument console, a double-barrel exhaust, graphics and paint scheme derived from its MotoGP counterpart. As one would expect, the Gixxer SF handles pretty well and stops even better thanks to the addition of single-channel ABS. That’s not all, the bike’s smooth and refined engine is one of the best in its class and has enough grunt to fulfil the demands of your daily commutes and enthusiastic weekend rides.


Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise & Street: Rs 1.03 lakh 

The Bajaj Avenger is a proper budget-friendly cruiser. If you’re a laidback rider who occasionally loves wringing the throttle, the Avenger 220 would be the perfect match. But don’t mistake it for an underpowered bike as its 220cc mill packs enough punch to leave most of its competition behind. Feature-wise, the Avenger 220 gets an all-digital instrument console, an LED DRL, a tall windscreen which restricts windblasts and a low-slung seat. The seat has enough cushioning to keep your backside happy and the pillion also gets a backrest (only on Cruise) for extra support. 


TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Fi: Rs 1.10 lakh, Carb - Rs 1.11 lakh (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi)

Now, if you want more bang for your buck, the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V most certainly fits the bill. It’s one of the most feature-rich bikes you could buy at this price point. For instance, the RTR 200 4V gets an all-digital instrument console which offers readings like a lap timer, 0-60 timer and top speed recorder over and above the conventional readouts. TVS also went the extra mile to get the bike’s suspension tuned from Kayaba (KYB) to offer impressive handling capabilities. Additionally, the RTR 200 4V features a slipper clutch which negates wheel hops during hard downshifts. In terms of power figures, the RTR 200 has plenty of grunt for both track and conventional use. On the downside though, the fuel-injected version of the RTR 200 4V misses out on ABS as of now. Although, TVS is expected to equip the bike with the feature pretty soon. A workaround this, for now, would be opting for the carb variant but that would also mean giving up on some power. 

So there you have it. Seven of the best motorcycles that can give the upcoming duo from Hero a run for their money. The best part? You can get your hands on any one of these worthy offerings right now. Which would you pick? Or would you rather wait for the Hero to commence deliveries for the  Xpulse by the end of May? Let us know…

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