Bajaj Pulsar 125, 150, 180F And 220F Get Dearer

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While the premium is slightly higher compared to the previous price hike, it still isn’t a dealbreaker 

Bajaj Auto has hiked the prices of its popular Pulsar lineup yet again. The Bajaj Pulsar 125, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180F as well as the Pulsar 220F have gotten more expensive compared to their previous price hike back in September. Here’s the full ex-showroom Delhi price list:

Bajaj Bikes

Latest Price

Previous Price (Reported in September 2020)

Price Premium

Pulsar 125 Neon

Drum: Rs 72,122

Disc: Rs 76,922

Split Seat disc: Rs 80,218

Split Seat drum: Rs 73,274

Drum: Rs 71,123

Disc: Rs 75,923

Split Seat disc: Rs 79,219

Split Seat drum: Wasn’t launched then

Drum: Rs 999

Disc: Rs 999

Split Seat disc: Rs 999

Pulsar 150

Neon: Rs 92,627

Standard: Rs 99,584

Twin Disc: Rs 1,03,482

Neon: Rs 91,130

Standard: Rs 98,086

Twin Disc: Rs 1,01,984

Neon: Rs 1,497

Standard: Rs 1,498

Twin Disc: Rs 1,498

Pulsar 180F

Rs 1,13,018

Rs 1,11,520

Rs 1,498

Pulsar 220F

Rs 1,23,245

Rs 1,21,747

Rs 1,498

Compared to the previous price hike, the premium is a bit more this time. That being said, it is still not substantial enough to be a dealbreaker. The standard Bajaj Pulsar 150 has almost reached the psychological barrier of Rs 1 lakh, which may put off prospective buyers.

However, Bajaj has tried to make the Pulsar range a bit more alluring with the introduction of the drum brake version of the Pulsar 125 Split Seat. Other than the compromise in the safety department, it offers all the other sporty aspects of the disc brake-equipped variant. At Rs 73,274, it is around Rs 26,000 less expensive than the standard Pulsar 150, while looking as sporty as the even more expensive Split Seat variant. No other changes have been made to the bikes.

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