Ducati Panigale-based Vyrus Alyen: Picture Gallery

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Yes, contrary to appearances, it is actually a motorcycle

This probably isn’t the best time to be running a bike company called Vyrus, but the brand has brought us yet another bonkers motorcycle. Called the Alyen, it looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and we’re going to break it down in a series of detailed images:

The latest creation from the boutique Italian house features sharp and edgy styling courtesy of some very unique bodywork.

The front of the bike features an unconventional ‘alien-looking’ headlight (pun intended) and these razor sharp knuckle guards with turn indicators integrated, all of which come together to create a rather intimidating face.

Underneath the headlight sit these two large panels that look almost like the winglets we’re seeing on many modern-day superbikes (a la Ducati Panigale V4R).

The Alyen is built around Ducati’s 1285cc Superquadro L-twin motor last seen on the Ducati 1299 Panigale. Over here, it’s churning out a massive 205PS.

Front suspension is an unconventional affair (what isn’t, on this bike?) comprising a hub-centred steering system and front swingarm.

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Rear suspension is a single-sided affair which leaves the rear wheel proudly on display. This is awesome, because the wheels are forged carbon fibre units that use chopped carbon fibre along with the woven fabric for additional strength. This is what gives the wheels the unique finish you see here while also allowing the spokes to be ridiculously thin.

With everything else on the bike being so edgy and sharp, it’d be a pity if the exhaust system was left out. Thankfully, Vyrus has worked its magic on this too, to give us the ‘stealth fighter’ exhaust exits you see here.

Much like the Panigale V4, the Alyen features a semi-monocoque construction where Vyrus’ trademark double-omega frame is built around the engine itself.

Stopping hardware comes from Brembo, with race-spec GP4 calipers being employed up front. Though not explicitly mentioned, we presume suspension parts will be from Swedish specialist Ohlins. It’s also more than likely that Vyrus will spec these out for you as per your wishes.

The reason for all that customisability mentioned above is the price. Now, there’s no official number mentioned yet, but going by what we see in the pictures, you can expect a solid six-figure USD sticker. But if you have to ask, then…

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