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Dominar 250 vs Dominar 400: Picture Gallery

Modified On Mar 13, 2020 By Alpesh Rajpurohit for Bajaj Dominar 250

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Confused between the Dominar 250 and Dominar 400? We explain the differences between the two

Is the Dominar 400 too much for you? In that case, Bajaj has a smaller, quarter-litre Dominar, which is Rs 30,000 cheaper but gets the same features as the Dominar 400. As you’d have imagined, the Dominar 250 looks similar to its bigger cousin. So, to make things easy for you, we are comparing both the motorcycles via a bunch of images. 

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If you look at both these motorcycles side-by-side, you can hardly make out the difference. You need to get a bit close to actually spot the changes. 

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Yes, the most obvious visual difference is the ‘D250’ badge on the new Domi. 

While the bigger Dominar is available in green and black, the baby Dominar comes in red and black. 

The LED lights at the front and back are the same between the two versions. 

And so is the digital instrument cluster and the tiny display on the tank.

The major difference between the two, as the name suggests, is the engine. The 373cc engine in the Dominar 400 makes 40PS and 35Nm (BS6-compliant version makes similar figures). The 248.7cc motor in the baby Dominar belts out 27PS and 23.5Nm of torque. 

The bike comes with dual-spark plugs as opposed to triple-spark plugs in the Dominar 400.

While the rear monoshock is similar between the two, the front suspension is slightly different. The bigger Dominar 400 uses a fat 43mm USD fork at the front, while the baby Domi is equipped with a 37mm USD fork (135mm of travel remains the same). 

There’s a difference even in terms of braking hardware. The quarter-litre version uses a smaller 300mm disc at the front instead of a 320mm disc as seen on the Dominar 400. The rear disc, however, remains the same. 

Another major difference between the two versions is the swingarm. The Dominar 250 comes with a box-section swingarm instead of the aluminium unit on the flagship motorcycle.

To keep costs in check, the Dominar 250 rides on slightly slimmer 100/80 at the front and 130/70 tubeless tyres instead of radials seen on the bigger version. 

All these changes have made the new Domi 4kg lighter than its bigger cousin.

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