Yamaha FZ-Fi And FZS-Fi BS6 Prices Hiked Once Again

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This is the second price hike in a span of around four months

Yamaha FZ-Fi And FZS-Fi BS6 Prices Hiked Once Again

It’s bad enough that some of us are still dealing with pay cuts and job instability, despite this, the costs of two-wheelers keep skyrocketing with every passing month. Now, Yamaha has increased the price of its FZ range once again. The previous hike came in around August 2020 which saw an increment of Rs 2,000 across the range. This time around, Yamaha has increased the prices of the FZ-Fi and FZS-Fi by Rs 1,000. A detailed price list is mentioned below.

Yamaha Model/Variants

New Price

Old Price

Price Difference


Rs 1,02,700

Rs 1,01,700

Rs 1,000


Rs 1,04,700

Rs 1,03,700

Rs 1,000

You’d probably expect some justification for the price hike but there simply isn’t one at this point. It’s true that manufacturers have been increasing the costs of their products in small increments to soften the blow of the BS6 price hike, but for how long? 

The FZ range, despite the price hike, has nothing of value to offer. There are no extra goodies or new colour schemes. As for the FZS-Fi Dark Night edition, it was recently updated with Bluetooth Connectivity for Rs 2,500. You could, however, add this feature to the standard models as well for a premium of Rs 3,000. Read about it here.

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  • Yamaha FZS-FI V3
  • Yamaha FZ-FI V3

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